Challenge and Discover: Fun with Rulers

Welcome back to another Challenge and Discover – our bimonthly science challenge link up co-hosted with Science Sparks. Thanks so much to everyone that linked up to Christmas  science challenge. The next challenge is Fun with Rulers. In February and March, we are challenging you to do science with your kids using rulers. We will give you examples of projects for the theme on our blogs.

Challenge and Discover: Fun with Rulers - share your activities to practice measuring with rulers and be inspired by others

How to Measure with a Ruler

We have to be taught how to use a ruler. It’s not something that is intuitive. Have your child hold the ruler and look at the numbers. If your ruler has both centimeters and inches, show this feature to her. Take notice of your ruler. Does it have a zero mark {there is a little space a the end of the ruler and then a line denoting zero}? Some rulers have this and some don’t. If there is no zero mark, the end of the ruler is zero. Show your child how to line up the zero mark on the ruler with the edge of the object to be measured. Then, show him how to determine the length of the object. For younger children, you could round to the nearest whole number. For older children, show them what the lines in between the large numbers mean.

Make Measuring Practice a Game

My son has loved to measure things ever since I introduced a ruler to him at the age of 2. Grab a few toys {or let your child choose some} and practice measuring them together. How long is this car? Is it longer or shorter than that car? You can even line them up from shortest to longest {and then measure the whole line of cars}!

Challenge and Discover: Fun with Rulers - share your activities to practice measuring with rulers and be inspired by others

More Science with Rulers

Using rulers is common place in many science activities. Here are some that practice measuring with a ruler.

Science Sparks has more ideas, so be sure to check over there, too!

Challenge and Discover: Fun with Rulers

Link up posts about ruler activities you have done with your kids. By linking up, you are giving us permission to grab one picture and feature your projects on our blogs and social media sites. We’d love for you to grab a button and add it to your post.

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