Celebrate World Read Aloud Day

Today {March 6th} is World Read Aloud Day. I have a few suggestions for how you can celebrate. Be sure to tune into our Spring Into Reading Hangout today – children’s book author Sue Fliess will be reading Tons of Trucks.

Ways to Celebrate World Read Aloud Day

Ways to Celebrate World Read Aloud Day

#1 Grab a Book!

Yes this is the most obvious way to celebrate, but it’s also the easiest. Pick up a book that you love reading aloud, or choose your child’s favorite book. Whatever it is make sure to read it out loud. Make it special. Captivate your audience. You can do this no matter how old your child is. You can also have your older children choose their favorite stories to read to the rest of the family.

#2 Head to a Website

There are several great websites that read books to you for free. Edventures with Kids has compiled a list of great websites for read aloud books.

Do you like Pete the Cat? Head to the Harper Collins website and listen to a few Pete the Cat songs.

#3 Listen to Someone Read a Book Live

Check your local library to see if they have anything special planned for today.

The New York Public Library is hosting a special reading of Jazz Baby by Lisa Wheeler in their own Google+ Hangout. See the event details here.

Watch author Sue Fliess read Tons of Trucks. See details below.

Meet Sue Fliess and Listen to a Story

World Read Aloud Day Google+ Hangout with author Sue Fliess

Today at 4 pm EST, I’ll be interviewing children’s book author Sue Fliess. She will also be reading her book, Tons of Trucks.

I’ll add the video here just before we go live. You can also view it from Google+.

Tons of Trucks is an interactive book that lets readers move the trucks. Lift the tabs, spin the cement truck, scoop, and dig. Listen to the simple rhymes and fall in love with the adorable animals.

More Reading Tips and Ideas

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