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5 Science Experiments with Paper Towels

 Posted by on August 24, 2014
Aug 242014
5 Science Experiments with Paper Towels

Thanks to Viva® Vantage Paper Towels and Walmart for sponsoring today’s post. Not only can you buy Viva® Vantage Paper Towels for cleaning up tough messes, but you can also use them for science experiments. Try these 5 experiments with paper towels! 5 Science Experiments with Paper Towels 1) Stretch Test - Viva® Vantage Paper Towels pride themselves on [...]

Layering Liquids Density Experiment

 Posted by on August 19, 2014
Aug 192014
Layering Liquids Density Experiment

Learning about density is great fun for kids. This layering liquids density experiment is fun and tasty! Give it a try. Layering Liquids Density Experiment We have done this density experiment before with our saltwater density investigation. Today we’re changing it up a bit. Instead of using saltwater, we are using sugar water. And to make [...]

Encouraging Healthy Eating in Kids

 Posted by on August 18, 2014
Aug 182014
Encouraging Healthy Eating in Kids

A new school year is a great time to start thinking about the choices we make as a family. Horizon Organic {Inspiration Laboratories sponsor} knows that encouraging healthy eating in kids is important. Try these activities together to help teach kids about healthy choices. Encouraging Healthy Eating in Kids through Books Read books about making [...]

Colorful Bookshelves and Painted Wall Border

 Posted by on August 15, 2014
Aug 152014
Colorful Bookshelves and Painted Wall Border

This post brought to you by FrogTape. All opinions are 100% mine. I’m really excited to share our latest project in Lily’s nursery. We built colorful bookshelves and added a painted border to the wall. The Painted Wall Border To plan for the placement of the border and shelves, I used FrogTape® Multi-Surface. This helped [...]

Aug 132014
Fizzy Coconut Lime Play Dough {Aliki Virtual Book Club for Kids}

Aliki is this month’s featured author for the Virtual Book Club for Kids. We were inspired to make fizzy coconut lime play dough after reading My Five Senses.  Affiliate links are included in this post. My Five Senses by Aliki At first I thought My Five Senses was a book for babies. The first pages are very simplistic: “I can see! [...]

Aug 092014
The Sunday Showcase - Fun Science for Kids

Welcome to the Sunday Showcase! This week I’m featuring Fun Science Activities for Kids. {You know I can’t pass up the opportunity to share great science with you.}  Craftulate uses tongs for an animal habitat sort. P is for Preschooler makes nature prints with clay. Fantastic Fun and Learning shares a five senses science investigation with chewing [...]

Cardboard Tube Monsters

 Posted by on August 7, 2014
Aug 072014
Cardboard Tube Monsters

Our cardboard tube monsters are easy to make. They will surely spark your kids imagination and inspire some pretend play. Cardboard Tube Monsters These cardboard tube monster were designed and created by Aiden {age 4.5}. Out of our craft supplies, Aiden grabbed a few things and assembled the monsters. You can make some, too! Supplies: [...]

3D Paper Monsters

 Posted by on August 6, 2014
Aug 062014
3D Paper Monsters

Kids love monsters. They are fun to make because it’s okay for them to look a little strange. They are great for the imagination, too Here’s how you can make your own 3D paper monsters. 3D Paper Monsters Materials: paper colors of your choice scissors glue googly eyes pom poms (optional) pipecleaners (optional) How to make the [...]

Aug 052014
Back to School with STEM {5 Great Curriculum Resources}

It’s time to start thinking about back to school. I know some schools have already started and others will be starting soon. Are you looking to make STEM a part of your school year? Are you looking to add more science and math to your preschool days? I have 5 great STEM curriculum resources to [...]

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