World Oceans Day

World Oceans Day is June 8th. Take a moment to learn more about our ocean and pledge to take action to help conserve it.

This video does a great job of summarizing why we should care about the ocean.

As a former Oceanography teacher, the ocean holds a special place in my heart.  I see the value of it.  I understand its importance.  I am sad when others do not feel the same way.  Being far away from the ocean does not mean you do not affect it.  On the contrary, our Earth is all connected.  We can greatly impact every single part of it no matter where we are.  I’ve talked about how much damage our trash can do before.  You can revisit my suggestions for teaching children about Earth Day as the same ideas apply.

I know you’ve heard it before, but the biggest things you can do are: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle and throw your trash away.

Another great concern in the ocean is overfishing.  Making informed decisions about the fish you eat can dramatically help the situation.  The Seafood Watch from Monterrey Bay Aquarium is an excellent resource for understanding sustainable fish choices.  There is even an app you can download on your phone.

Stress the importance of the ocean with your children.  Teach them about the ocean.  Do activities and crafts with an ocean theme.  Read books about the ocean.  Check out my Ocean Pinterest board for ideas or see the links below.

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One book we currently have checked out is Eric Carle’s Mister Seahorse {Amazon affiliate link}.  It tells the story of a daddy seahorse accepting the mommy seahorse’s eggs into his pouch.  He swims through the ocean meeting other daddy sea creatures that care for their eggs or young children in various ways – in mouths, on heads, on backs, etc.  Along the way, Mister Seahorse also sees other sea animals hiding in different habitats.  You find a lion fish hiding behind coral.  The coral is printed on see through acetate, so you can flip the acetate page and see the lion fish.  Then, Mister Seahorse appears to be hiding among the coral!  This hide and seek feature does a wonderful job of illustrating camouflage.  Eric Carle’s beautiful artwork transports you to the ocean and helps you appreciate the life there.

When we read the story, I talk about the animals that are hiding.  Can you see something hiding in the coral?  Change the page.  Look it was a lion fish.  The lion fish is the same color as the coral.  It blends in.  It is camouflaged!


World Oceans Day June 8th

I would love for you to link up your ideas for teaching children about the ocean – books to read, activities to try, crafts to make, etc.

Celebrate the ocean.  Help take care of our Earth.  Teach future generations to do the same.

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