Whiteboard Story Scenes for Pretend Play

Pretend play is important for developing social skills, language skills, thinking skills, and much more. Place a whiteboard on the floor and draw story scenes to spark your child’s imagination. Affiliate links are included in this post.

Whiteboard Story Scenes for Pretend Play


Whiteboard Story Scenes for Pretend Play

I used our large whiteboard to draw a background for the pretend play. The whiteboard is simply a piece of hardboard marker board from the hardwood store.

Aiden helped draw, too. Can you tell?

Whiteboard Story Scene

In our story scene, we included roads, a train track, a river emptying into a bay, an airport, and grass.

We added pieces from the Melissa & Doug Vehicles Chunky Wooden Puzzle. I love using the chunky puzzles for pretend play {and so does Aiden}.

Whiteboard Story Scene


And then Aiden’s imagination took off… as he gathered more toys to join the scene.

He asked for a firehouse.

A Firehouse Whiteboard Story Scene

The firetruck had to rush to put out the fire.

A Fire Whiteboard Story Scene


The train is stopped at the train depot. The yellow car is about to stop at the stop sign. Take a look at that view!

Train Depot Whiteboard Story Scene


Uh-oh, there’s an accident. The police car is getting involved.

Accident Whiteboard Story Scene


The dog is playing in the flower garden.

Dog in Flower Garden Whiteboard Story Scene


This is how Aiden and I enjoy spending much of our day – playing. I love to watch his imagination at work and see the stories unfold.

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