Valentine’s Day Science Experiments & Activities

Here are 12 Valentine’s Day science experiments and activities from Inspiration Laboratories. I’ve also included some bonus Valentine’s Day activities at the end. Enjoy!

Valentine's Day Science Experiments & Activities

Valentine’s Day Science Experiments & Activities

Experiments with Valentine Candy Hearts

Everyone buys the candy conversation hearts because they’re iconic, but I don’t know many people that actually like to eat them. They are great for experiments though.

Dissolving Hearts Experiment {with printable data sheet} – This simple comparison experiment tests how fast the candy hearts dissolve in different temperatures of water.

Valentine Candy Science Experiment Dissolving Heart {with printable data sheet}

Candy Heart Reactions – This candy science investigation tests to see if candy hearts react with baking soda or vinegar.

Science for Valentine's Day - Candy Heart Reactions

Candy Heart Ingredient Experiment – This experiment is a continuation of the candy heart reactions investigation. Test which ingredient in candy hearts reacts with baking soda.

Candy Heart Ingredients Experiment

Dancing Hearts – This is more of a demonstration than an experiment. Use baking soda and vinegar to make the candy hearts appear to dance.

Valentine's Day Candy Science: Dancing Hearts

Valentine Potion and Tasting Experiment

Valentine Potion and Tasting Experiment

Other Valentine Science Ideas

2 Ingredient Glitter Slime for Valentine’s Day – Combine glue and liquid starch to create a super stretchy slime. You can talk about the science behind how the slime is made or you can test just how strong the slime is.

Valentine's Day Glitter Slime

Fizzy Valentine Play Dough – This dough contains baking soda so it fizzes when you add vinegar. The dough also has soap so the reaction also makes lots of foam.

Fizzy Valentine Play Dough

Frozen Vinegar Hearts – One of our most popular posts ever. This idea also combines two ingredients kids love: baking soda and vinegar. Add some hearts and you have a perfect Valentine’s Day science activity.

Science for Valentine's Day - Frozen Vinegar Hearts

Valentine Heart Glyph – Practice following directions and make a secret piece of art. If you know the code, you can figure out who the owner of the heart is.

Valentine Heart Glyph

Secret Messages with Baking Soda – Use chemistry to make secret messages with baking soda.

Secret Messages with Baking Soda

Colorful Science Investigation: Salt + Ice Hearts – Combine science with art in this colorful investigation with salt, ice, and paint.

Colorful Science Investigation with Ice and Salt

Secret Code Message Cards – I shared this idea over at Red Ted Art. Use a little science to make art for the cards. Then, add secret code messages inside. The secret code messages are a great way to practice letter recognition, letter writing, and reading.

Valentine's Day Card for Kids: Secret Codes

More Valentine’s Day Activities for Kids

I could make a case for how each of the activities below also works on science concepts, but that wasn’t my intent when we conducted the activity. Nonetheless, these activities are great for Valentine’s Day and great for sneaking in some learning to the fun.

  • Valentine’s Day Edible Play Dough – This dough is made with oatmeal, flour, and water so it’s safe for kids who still like to eat everything.
  • Valentine Soap Foam Letter Search – This is a wonderful bubbly sensory experience. Use it to practice letter recognition, letter sounds, reading, or spelling. So fun!
  • Melting Hearts Word Search – This combines a child’s love of a fizzy reaction with literacy skills.
  • Raining Hearts Word Game – This was inspired by The Day It Rained Hearts. Jump up and grab the heart words.
  • Ice Painting for Valentine’s Day – Initially designed as an art activity, Aiden turned it into sensory play while watching the ice melt and colors mix. This one is great for any day of the year really.
  • Secret Message Art – Use art supplies to create secret messages or secret drawings and 3D paintings.
  • Valentine Hearts on the Magnet Board – Place magnets on the back of heart shaped items and other things. Then, practice some learning.
  • Simple Valentine Heart Craft – All you need are pipecleaners and beads to make this Valentine heart craft. Be sure to turn the craft into a learning activity.
  • Hide and Seek Valentine’s Day Card – Make hide and seek cards inspired by the book, Happy Valentine’s Day, Mouse! by Laura Numeroff. This activity focuses on heart making and practices cutting skills.

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