Top 10 Preschool Learning Activities of 2015

Play-based learning is something I truly believe in. You’ll find that nearly all of our preschool learning activities involve play. Yesterday I shared the most popular preschool science activities from 2015. Here are the top 10 most popular preschool learning activities from 2015.

Top 10 preschool learning activities of 2015 at Inspiration Laboratories

Top 10 Preschool Learning Activities of 2015

#1) 40+ Preschool Math Activities Inspired by a Book – This was the most popular non-science post this year. We love playing math games after we read a book. It’s such a fun way to connect to the story. This collection of ideas is organized by author.

#2) 5 Ways to Play Jenga on Family Game Night (sponsored by #GameNightIn) – Do you like finding new ways to play games that you already have? This post has especially become popular lately. Are you looking for New Year’s Eve game ideas? Check these out!

#3) Use Stop Motion Animation to Teach about Emotions (sponsored by Toys “R” Us and Disney) – We had tons of fun making stop motion videos with Joy and Sadness from Inside Out. Download the free storyboard and plan out your own movies.

#4) Backyard Treasure Hunt with Picture Clues (sponsored by Mars) – This was part of our scavenger hunt week. I created picture clues of things in the backyard. Go from one clue to the next and find the hidden treasure. Download the picture clues and head outside to play the next time the weather is nice.

#5) Sight and Sound Nature Scavenger Hunt – I created a nature scavenger hunt to focus on the sights and sounds we see in the woods. Grab the printable and see what you can find.

#6) Melting Hearts Word Search – This activity combines a kid’s love of a fizzy reaction with literacy skills. As the hearts melt and fizz, letters are revealed. Use the letters to make a word. (This is #2 on my list of favorites this year.)

#7) Valentine Heart Glyph – Follow directions to make a secret piece of art. If you know the code, you can figure out who the owner of the heart is. (This was one of Aiden’s favorite kid’s activities of 2015.)

#8) Kite Rhyming with the Cat in the Hat – Did you know there are 72 words that rhyme in The Cat in the Hat? We chose some of the words and played a fun matching game. You can download the kite words and play, too.

#9) 13 Llama Llama Red Pajama Activities – This collection of ideas is from our Virtual Book Club for Kids co-hosts. Each month we feature activities based on one children’s book.

#10) Shape Collages Inspired by Mouse Shapes – We made shape collages with paper and 3D shape scenes with blocks. It’s a great way to practice shapes and the perfect follow up to the story.

Which activity is your favorite?

Popular Preschool Learning Activities of the Past

50+ Storytelling Ideas – This post was published over 3 years ago. It was this year’s 2nd most popular post. It’s a great resource for finding story starters, storytelling activities, tips, and more. I have collected even more storytelling ideas. Watch for a sequel to this post in 2016.

20 Math Activities Inspired by Dr. Seuss – This post is another one that is an audience favorite. Dr. Seuss ideas are very popular especially around Read Across America Day and Dr. Seuss’ birthday in March.

Letter Sounds Race – Aiden loves learning games that involve racing or running around. Practice letter recognition and letter sounds with this fun game that gets kids moving.
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