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The Rock Collection

 Posted by on April 4, 2012
Apr 042012

rock collection

Do any of your children collect rocks?

Aiden is always picking up rocks {and other cool nature objects like pinecones and acorns},
but mostly he picks up rocks.

Here in Florida, the rocks aren’t very good {maybe few and far between is a better way to put it}.
Are you surprised – with Florida essentially being a sand bar and all?
I mean we don’t really have dirt here; we have very sandy soil.

Even still, my son finds the decorative rocks that wash down from people’s yards.
His favorite place to gather rocks is our front yard.
There is a lot of leftover white rocks from what was probably a nice flower bed.
Now there’s just a bunch of random white rocks scattered through the yard.

My husband has a rock collection – well most of his are really fossils, but fossils are still rocks – they just have more personality.
We were digging through boxes the other day and pulled out some rocks for Aiden to see.

Some of the rocks we found in a box.

He had tons of fun carrying them around, moving them from place to place.

A fossil of a plant.

We talked to him about the different plants and animals he was seeing.

A fossilized clam (one of my favorites)

We explored the textures of the different rocks.
We observed the various shapes and colors.

Fossil of a nautilus

Today, Aiden asked to play with his rocks.
He has a bucket of rocks in a closet.
I like to keep them in one place and only let him have the rocks under adult supervision.

I got out the rocks for him.
He then asked to paint the rocks.
We have painted a few acorns and rocks before.

This time, he wanted to paint the entire collection of white rocks.

So I broke out the paint and let him go to town.

Painting in our PJs!

He decided to use every paint brush I had in the room.

I liked how he had to be precise with his painting to get the paint on the small rocks.
He was working on his fine motor skills.

Here are all of the painted rocks. (I painted the green heart.)

We also created a new home for his rock collection. {I helped, but it was his idea.}
I’ll tell you more about that on Monday.

What do your little ones like to collect?

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  10 Responses to “The Rock Collection”

  1. Awesome collection! Must be heavy moving them around. My son is too young to start a collection, finger crossed its inanimate like rocks, lol. I’m stopping by from Science Sparks blog hop.

    • Yes, my husband’s entire collection is pretty heavy. We use lots of small boxes. Aiden tends to move his rocks around a few at a time. Sometimes he says, “really heavy” in a cute little straining voice {even though they’re not heavy}.

  2. Really like it. So good for my son ;)

  3. he’s got a utensil container full of rocks, shells, tree pieces :)

  4. Those fossils are really neat! I love that he painted his rocks, and then decided to make a home for them :)

    Thanks for linking up to Learning Laboratory at Mama Smiles =)

  5. We don’t have a rock collection, but I want one now!

  6. Awesome! The green ones are my favorite and it looks like your little painter loves them too… I am 35 and I still collect rocks from wherever I go:)

    • :) Yes, he was into painting green this particular day. Although many days, he wants to paint with all of the colors and we end up with brown or black art. We’re all about the process though, so no worries!

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