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Download the free printable winter math game board to practice counting, subitizing, and turn taking with preschoolers. The game board has polar bears, trees, and icebergs. #wintermath #preschoolmath

Printable Winter Math Game Board

This winter math game board features adorable polar bears, trees, and icebergs. Use erasers or animal figures to move across the icebergs. …

Bat Number Treasure Hunt is a fun way to practice number recognition and counting while getting kids moving.

Bat Number Treasure Hunt

We’re all about bats for this week’s Virtual Book Club for Kids. We’re sharing a Bat Number Treasure Hunt that’s super fun for toddlers …

Use Halloween themed erasers as math counters for these Halloween Counting Games. They're perfect for preschool and early elementary grades.

Halloween Counting Games

Use Halloween themed erasers to practice simple math skills in our Halloween counting games for kids. The math games are perfect for …

Set up an acorn discovery table to practice math and science skills for preschool or early elementary.

Acorn Discovery Table

Fall is upon on and the leaves are starting to fall. Acorns and other nuts are also dropping from the trees. On …

House number sorting activity - use pretend play to practice number recognition, counting, and one to one correspondence

House Number Sorting Activity

There are not many learning activities that engage my 3 year old for a long period of time. Unless it involves moving, …

Check out these 15 Star Wars math activities!

15 Star Wars Math Activities

May the Fourth Be with You! May 4th is just around the corner so let’s celebrate with some Star Wars Math Activities. …