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Fall Science Activities - science ideas for apples, leaves, Halloween, and exploring outside from Inspiration Laboratories

Fall Science Activities

Fall is just around the corner. Are you ready for the change in seasons? Here are several fall science activities that are …

Leaf Name Sticky Wall - practice name recognition or name writing with this fun name activity.

Leaf Name Sticky Wall

This week’s Virtual Book Club for Kids is featuring Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert. A leaf name sticky wall is a great …

Baking soda and vinegar painted leaves are a fun way to combine science art!

Baking Soda Painted Leaves

Baking soda painted leaves are a super way to combine art and science. Explore the baking soda and vinegar reaction and color mixing …

Write messages on leaves.

Leaf Messages

Did you know that you can write on some leaves? Making leaf messages is a such a fun idea for kids. Use …

Collecting Leaves: a Preschool Learning Experience

Collecting Leaves

The Virtual Book Club for Kids is featuring books by Lois Ehlert this month. When we read Leaf Man, Aiden really wanted …