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Use a classic science experiment to make these awesome rainbow foam eggs.

Rainbow Foam Eggs

Want to learn how to turn a classic science experiment into a colorful sensory experience? Grab those plastic eggs you have ready for …

Space slime is glittery, stretchy, and so much fun!

Space Slime

Our space slime is glittery, stretchy, and so much fun! Give it a try and tell me what you think. We made …

W is for Water - part of the A to Z Science series at Inspiration Laboratories

W is for Water

The next letter in the A to Z Science series for toddlers and preschoolers at Inspiration Laboratories is W. W is for Water. We’ve …

Brownie Cookie Picture Recipe - Day 14 of our Christmas Science Advent Calendar

Brownie Cookie Picture Recipe

We continue our countdown to Christmas for day 14 of Advent. I’m sharing a Christmas science idea with you at the beginning of …