Super Hero Letter Rescue

It’s day 5 of our Super Hero LEGO week! Today we have a Super Hero Letter Rescue Game that’s perfect for toddlers. It can be adapted for preschoolers and older, too. Our Super Hero LEGO sets were given to us by LEGO. You can read more about the Super Hero LEGO hereAffiliate links are included in this post.

Super Hero Letter Rescue - Help the super heroes rescue the letters!

Super Hero Letter Rescue

Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • Super heroes (of appropriate size for your child’s age) – We used the DUPLO super heroes from this Batman Adventure set (affiliate link). It comes with Wonder Woman, Superman, and Batman.
  • Letters – We used these foam letter bath toys (affiliate link although Target has them for a lower price).

Spread the letters around the room. We also stuck some to the window using water.

Help the super heroes rescue the letters!

Tell your child to help the super heroes get the letters. You can ask for specific letters. For example, say: “Help Superman find the letter S.” Or you can ask your child to choose a letter. Then, talk to her about the letter they rescued.

Say: “You and Superman rescued the letter S! Can you place Superman on the letter S?”

Help the super heroes rescue the letters!

Encourage your child to get another letter and talk about it as well. That’s the letter T. T makes the /t/ sound.

Help the super heroes rescue the letters!

Lily (20 months) loved helping the super heroes rescue the letters. At one point, she had all 3 super heroes and a pile of letters in her arms.

Help the super heroes rescue the letters!

I had her bring them to the table and we talked about each one. Then we had the super heroes take turns standing on the letters as we said the letter names and sounds.

This game is a fun introduction to letters and letter sounds for toddlers. It’s also a great way to get kids moving. Have them run from one side of the room to another like we did in our letter sounds race.

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