Stone Craft: Build Towers

What do you do with all of those rocks your child brings home? Try this simple stone craft. Stone towers are sure to spark the imagination and are perfect for pretend play.

Easy Stone Craft: Build a Tower - Great for pretend play!

Stone Towers

Aiden loves to collect rocks from everywhere and anywhere. He loves to paint them or use them in play. Whenever he sees rocks at the store, he always asks for those, too. I bought him a bag of nice flat rocks so we could stack them and make towers.

Creating the Stone Craft

The stone towers were super easy to make. Here’s how:

  1. Gather some flat rocks {the flatter the better}.
  2. Stack the rocks one on top of another to see how well they will balance.
  3. Glue the rocks together.

If the rocks balance well without glue, you could use white glue to hold them together.

Stone Craft: Easy Stone Tower

If the rocks do not balance very well, use hot glue to attach the rocks together.

Stone Craft: Easy Stone Tower

If you try white glue and the rocks start to slip off, rinse the glue off of the rocks, dry them, and use a faster drying glue {like hot glue}.

Using the Stone Towers for Play

What could these little piles of rocks become? Only your child’s imagination will tell.

Aiden builds walls with them and then has other friends join in the fun.

Stone Tower Wall

Here he added the owls we made for Little Hoot. Did they make a nest? Or is it their house?

stone craft with owls

The craft stick people made an appearance as well. Does she have a scarf, or are those her hands?

Stone Towers & Craft Stick People

The stone towers become creatures themselves. They can dance around and talk to each other.

stone craft people

More Pretend Play Ideas

Pretend play is so important for children. Here are a few of our favorite ideas:

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