10 Star Wars Math Activities

May the Fourth Be with You! Let’s celebrate with some Star Wars Math Activities. The collection below includes ideas for simple counting and number recognition, addition and subtraction, shapes, fractions, measuring, coordinate planes, and more!

Check out these 10 Star Wars math activities!

Star Wars Math Activities

Star Wars Minifigure Math Games – Use your favorite characters to practice addition and subtraction.

Ways to Make Ten with LEGO Minifigures – Practicing ways to make ten is more fun when you add in your favorite Star Wars minifigures.

Star Wars Math with Light Sabers – Kids will have fun counting, adding, and subtracting using little light sabers in the activity from Carrots Are Orange.

Star Wars Paper Airplane Comparison –  Royal Baloo made different Star Wars paper airplanes and tested how far they each traveled. Measure the distances and then compare!

Star Wars Yoda Shape Craft – Even younger kids can appreciate the force while exploring shapes with this idea from Toddler Approved.

Chewbacca Shape Craft – Or try your hand at making Chewbacca like JDaniel4’s Mom.

Star Wars Themed Daily Math – Print out these worksheets from 3 Dinosaurs to practice math with ten frames, tally markers, place value, number bonds, and math facts.

Use Math to Create a Star Wars Galaxy – Download the free printable from Edventures with Kids to make a scale model of the planets in Star Wars.

Comparing Stormtropper Fractions – Use stormtroopers to learn about fractions with this idea from 3 Dinosaurs.

Star Wars Coordinate Worksheets – Help Luke Skywalker find Princess Leia and map out where the characters are using a coordinate plane. 3 Boys and a Dog recommends this for middle schoolers.

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