Star Wars Minifigure LEGO Math Game

Star Wars minifigures make this LEGO math game so much fun. Practice addition and subtraction using your favorite LEGO characters. Affiliate links are included in this post.

Star Wars Minifigure LEGO Math Game - such a fun way to practice addition and subtraction!

Star Wars Minifigure LEGO Math Game

My son loves all things space, so introducing him to Star Wars seemed like a logical step. He loves it and has been collecting some Star Wars LEGO sets. Building them with his dad has been a great bonding time for them both. Along with these sets comes minifigures, which in my opinion is part of the fun of LEGO play. We have 15 Star Wars minifigures. They are the star of this game. You can use whatever minifigures you have, use animals or other math manipulatives. We added our collection of space minifigures, divers, and other LEGO men to make higher numbers in the game.

Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • LEGO minifigures
  • Number cards – We use Skip Bo cards (affiliate link) – they have the numbers 1-12. You can also make your own or use dice.

How to Play:

6 year old Aiden created the rules to this game. Modify them as you wish. Gather all of your minfigures together.

Star Wars minfigures

Draw a number card. Count out that many minfigures.

Play a math game with Star Wars LEGO minifigures.

Draw another number card. Select that number of minfigures and add them to your first pile. How many do you have total?

Play a math game with Star Wars LEGO minifigures.

Draw another number card and continue adding minfigures. If you don’t have any more minfigures to add, then you get to subtract.

Play a math game with Star Wars LEGO minifigures.

Each time you draw a number card, you can choose to add or subtract minifigures. Aiden always added minifigures if he had enough. He subtracted when he did not have enough to add.

Play a math game with Star Wars LEGO minifigures.

You can also play this game with two players. Same rules apply. Take turns drawing a number card. Each person has a pile of minfigures. If two people play, there will be more subtraction involved because you will run out of minifigures faster.

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