Spooky Spiders Halloween Decorations

Looking for something spooky for Halloween this year? I think spiders are just the trick. Our spooky spiders Halloween decorations are sponsored by At Home Stores.  Check out all of the cool spider decorations I found at my local At Home Store and learn how to make your own spooky pipe cleaner spiders with glowing eyes.

Spooky Spiders Halloween Decorations sponsored by #AtHomeStores

Spooky Spiders Halloween Decorations

The inspiration for my spooky spiders Halloween decorations was this Light Up Black Spider. Walking down the Halloween aisles at the At Home store, I spotted an entire section of spiders of all different sizes. I chose this one because of its size and purple lights. My daughter Lily was shopping with me. She called it a mommy spider. I knew we had to make some baby spiders to go along with it. They’re easy enough for kids to make. Directions for making the pipe cleaner spiders with orange eyes are below. (The kids will love our fizzy spider web art and spider math games, too.)

I chose a few other spider lights and decorations from the At Home store to complete the look. I selected this Purple Spider Web Lite with intentions of hanging it above the bushes. When I took the lights out of the box, I found they have suction cups. Perfect for hanging the spider web light on the window.

spider web lights Halloween decorations

I hung up a string of colorful LED Rubber Spiders. Here’s a closeup of one of the green spiders.

I added Black Gauze with Purple Lights to the bushes. You can’t see the gauze on the bushes at all in the dark. The gauze would work better over a white railing (they can be used inside, too.) Here’s the complete look of the front porch.

And when you walk up closer to the eerie glow on the ground, you find this. I placed a bed of stretchy spider web (it also has 8 little plastic spiders) to enhance the glow.

Halloween spiders LED light up spiders

Pipe Cleaner Spiders with LED Eyes

There are many ways to make pipe cleaner spiders. I have two things that set my pipe cleaner spiders apart from the others. Use bump chenille stems to give the spiders an extra spooky appearance. Then, add some LEDs to make the spiders’ eyes light up with an eerie glow.

Watch the video below to see how to make the pipe cleaner spiders.

Start with 5 bump chenille stems. Twist them together in the middle. Spread out the spider legs and wrap each spider leg around the middle of the spider. Two of the legs will become pedipalps (appendages by a spider’s head). Wrap these two chenille stems around the spider until they are shorter.

Make a pipe cleaner spider with LED eyes.

Now it’s time for the glowing eyes. At the At Home store, I found a string of battery powered LED microdot lights that are perfect for this. I simply wrapped the string of lights around the pipe cleaner spiders placing two lights for the eyes. I made sure to skip a few LEDs in between each spider so I could spread the spiders out.

How to make pipe cleaner Halloween spiders with LED eyes

Once the wires are covered with the stretchy spider web, the orange lights look like more glowing spider eyes.

Halloween spiders LED light up spiders

I just love the way these pipe cleaner spiders turned out. They help complete all of the spooky spiders Halloween decorations. What do you think?

Halloween Decorations from At Home

I purchased all of these Halloween decorations (not including the $1 I spent on the bump chenille stems) at my local At Home store for under $60. Actually, it was just over $50 because I used a 10% off coupon that I got for signing up for their Insider Perks e-mails. You can head to the At Home website and see all of their Halloween decor – spooky spiders, skeletons, reapers, pumpkins, day of the dead, and more. Lots of festive solutions to decorate your home inside and out. They have tons of unique lighting options, too. I spotted some really cool lighted monster feet. You can make it look like a monster is walking across your floor or yard.

Here’s to a spooky Halloween!

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