Spider Math Games

Do your kids find spiders super cool? Do you agree, or do you think they’re super creepy? Either way, these spider math games are sure to be a big hit. Create a number line, practice counting and number recognition, and get kids moving.

Play spider math games to work on counting and number recognition plus get kids moving.

Spider Math Games

For the spider math games, we used foam spiders (you can use paper ones too), spider erasers, and dice.

Spider Number Line

Create a number line with the spiders.

Create a spider number line to practice counting and addition.

Roll the dice and move your spider to the correct number. Start from one and jump from one spider to the next. You can also practice counting on. Start from any number and then count on from there.

Play spider math games to work on counting and number recognition plus get kids moving.

Use the number line for simple number recognition as well. Roll the dice and then find the number rolled. Take your spider to that number.

Counting Spiders

Choose a big spider. Add the correct number of little spiders.

Counting spiders is a fun way to practice one to one correspondence.

Toss a Spider

Lay out the big spiders. You can put them in numerical order or a random order. Toss a little spider onto the pile. What number did it land on?

Toss a spider to practice number recognition.

Can you toss the spider to land on a specific number? Can you land a spider on number 4?

Spider Number Find

Spread the spiders out across the room. Call out a number (or roll the dice). Run to find the spider with that number. My daughter took a little spider with her to help.

Get moving with this spider number find game.

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