This page includes e-books I have helped to write and e-books or products I recommend. At the bottom of the page, you will also find all of the free printables I have created.

ABCs and 123s : 40+ hands-on play activities to build letter and math skills

ABCs and 123s : fun learning activities for letters and math

ABCs and 123s is a collaboration of several kid bloggers. It has 40+ hands-on play ideas that will help your child build letter and math skills. The literacy and math activities incorporate play, imagination, science, sensory, and art.

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Make Your Mark: 30+ projects that promote a love of writing, creative storytelling, self-confidence and compassion

Make Your Mark - 30+ projects to promote writing and storytelling

Make Your Mark is a collaboration of several kid bloggers. Make Your Mark will help you take the simple act of sharing stories and stretch it to help your child develop confidence and compassion. Through play, art, language, writing and storytelling activities this book will help your child discover himself and make his mark on the world.

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Regular price $14.99.

Up! 30+ Inspiring projects to transform your construction play

Up! 30+ hands-on projects to transform your construction play

Up! is a collaboration of several kid bloggers. Take your child’s passion for blocks activities and go Up! with innovation and customization. Add math, literacy, science, and art. Try out the building challenges with blocks and then move on to mobiles, rockets, airplanes, parachutes, and more. You’ll also get 100 printables. From blocks to rockets, you’re sure to love this e-book!

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E-books and Product Downloads I Recommend

I am an affiliate for the following books. I love them and think you will, too! Any purchases you make through the links below earns me a commission.

STEAM Kids – 50+ STEAM Activities Featuring Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math

STEAM Kids ebook

The book has over fifty hands-on learning activities perfect for ages 4 to 10. I love this quote from the back cover. It does an awesome job of describing what this book is about.

“STEAM Kids is all about inspiring our next generation of inventors, innovators and leaders to

question like a scientist
design like a technologist
build like an engineer
create like an artist
deduce like a mathematician

– and –

play like a kid.”

Click here to buy your copy of STEAM Kids.

STEAM Kids Halloween

Halloween STEAM ebook

50+ pages of spookly fun STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math) activities that will wow the boredom right out of kids!

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The Unofficial Guide to Learning with LEGO

The Unofficial Guide to Learning with LEGO

If your kids love LEGO, they will love the Unofficial Guide to Learning with LEGO. You will love it because of all of the awesome learning ideas. There’s literacy, writing, art, math, and tons of SCIENCE.

Click here to buy your copy of the Unofficial Guide to Learning with LEGO!

Early Years Bundle of Activity Plans by Jamie Reimer from hands on : as we grow.


The DISCOVER + PLAY + ENGAGE + LEARN eBooks have a combined 20 weeks of activities that are perfect for the early years. Fun ways to get the kids moving, work on fine motor, do arts and craft projects and have fun as a family! Each weekly plan includes a handy supply list and activities broken down to know exactly what to do in a simple sentence or two. Get your weekly activity plans here.

Read, Create, and Share: A Year of Growing with Young Children by Jodie Rodriguez from Growing Book by Book

Read Create & Share

Do you want your kids to grow into well-read people who love to create and serve others? This e-book has 12 books to read, 12 things to create, and 12 ideas for sharing the creations plus free printables to use with many of the projects. There is one for each month of the year. In January, send love to the military. In October, deliver goodies to dogs. Buy Read, Create, and Share here for $9!

2016-2017 Book Based Activity Calendars from Growing Book by Book

Do you enjoy great children’s books and want to do simple themed activities at home? Then, you’ll want to check out these activity calendars. There are over 50 themes, 200 books, and 200 activities to do with the kids this school year. Perfect homework calendars or activity calendars for families. The PDF download is $6.

Free Printables

I have created a number of printables that are available for you to download for personal or classroom use only. You may not reproduce, sell, host, or store these on any other site. Send others here to get the resource for themselves.


Star Wars Dice Games

Easter Egg Math with a Hundred Chart

Secret Codes for Kids: 3 Number Cyphers

Super Hero Math: Number Vaults Game

Minions Math Game (sponsored)

Fishy Math Practice with Swimmy by Leo Lionni

Pete the Cat Button Counting and Subtraction Game

Sticker Shape Cookies to go with The Duckling Gets a Cookie

A Piece of Cake Math Lesson (sponsored) – practice counting, subtraction, and subitizing

Ten Black Dots Numbers Matching

Counting Flowers with Number Circles

St. Patrick’s Day Math: Graphing Shamrocks


Sweep Up the Rhyme with Rhyming Words Printable

Llama Llama Red Pajama Color Words and Matching Game

Kite Rhyming with the Cat in the Hat

Spelling with M&M’s


Scavenger Hunts and Treasure Hunts

Sight and Sound Nature Scavenger Hunt

Backyard Treasure Hunt with Picture Clues (sponsored)

All About Birds Scavenger Hunt

Grocery Store Scavenger Hunt (sponsored)


Solar System Valentines

DIY Planets Board Game

Food Group Recording Chart – track what kinds of food you eat during the week

Build a Beetle Game

Valentine Candy Science: Dissolving Hearts Experiment Printable


Valentine Heart Glyph

M&M’s Valentine Glyph – A Secret Code Treat for Valentine’s Day (sponsored)

Where the Wild Things Are Monster Glyphs


Dot Art with M&M’s (sponsored)