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Science Sparks and Inspiration Laboratories love finding ways to encourage you to do science with your kids. We were pleased to see so many of you take part in our Challenge and Discover series. Emma and I are continuing the challenges, but this time we’re issuing them weekly. We want you to share science activities with us. Here’s how you can participate.

  1. Take pictures of your children doing the science challenges.
  2. Post the pictures to the social media of your choice {Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.}
  3. Use the #ShareScience hashtag so we can find you. {Feel free to tag us as well.}

Bonus way to share with us: If you write a blog post about one of our challenges, let us know. We want to share it!

#ShareScience Challenges

Nov. 5th – Nov. 11th: Build a tower with blocks or LEGO.

Build a Tower #ShareScience

Building a tower has the potential for lots of science learning and is perfect for even the youngest scientists. {Babies can play, too.} Building a tower focuses on engineering and physics concepts. Learn about balance, gravity, and cause and effect. Practice measuring and math skills.

Building prompts and questions to ask:

  • How tall can you build your tower before it falls over?
  • Can you change your design to make the tower taller?
  • Will a tower with a wider base be taller than a tower with a narrow base?
  • Measure the height of your tower or count the number of blocks.
  • Create a pattern in your tower. Alternate the color of your blocks.
  • Build a tower with only one color of blocks.
  • What prompts or questions would you add?

Baby Tower

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