Shape Rocket Sticky Wall

At our rocket-themed play date sponsored by Disney Imagicademy, I set up this fun shape rocket sticky wall. The children loved making shape rockets again and again. It was really easy to set up, too!

Shape Rocket Sticky Wall

Shape Rocket Sticky Wall

You’ll Need:

  • colored paper (we found that card stock and printer paper works best)
  • scissors
  • contact paper
  • painter’s tape
  • an empty wall

Cut the colored paper into different shapes. We used the leftover shapes Aiden and I cut out for our shape collages inspired by Mouse Shapes. We had cardstock, printer paper, and construction paper. All three types of paper came off of the contact paper fairly easily, but the construction paper left fuzzy bits behind. I recommend using card stock or printer paper. The printer paper pull off of the contact paper a little easier for younger kids.

Shape Rocket Sticky Wall

Tape contact paper to the wall sticky side out. I pull just an edge off of the sticky plastic and then tape it to the wall. Then, I finish pulling away the paper from the sticky plastic.

I created a shape rocket in the corner to give the kids an idea of how to make one. Some copied my design and others created their own. Some of the younger children simply explored adding and taking away shapes from the plastic.

shape rocket
Aiden is working on taking off some of the shapes so he can create a new scene.

They added planets (the red circle is Mars) and asteroids. There wasn’t a circle big enough for the Sun so someone cut one out.

shape rockets

This activity was a wonderful collaboration between the children. They had enough space to create their own rocket scenes, but the continuity of the sticky paper allowed them to work together.

shape rockets

Our number circles (from our pancake number match game) were also placed on the sticky wall. Count down to launch: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…BLAST OFF!

Shape Rocket Sticky Wall rocket count down

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