Science at Home: Kitchen Chemistry

I am really enjoying our Science at Home video series. I hope you are, too. This week, we’re focusing on kitchen chemistry – simple science ideas you can do with ingredients from your kitchen.

Science at Home Episode 4 - Kitchen Chemistry

Science at Home: Kitchen Chemistry

Watch the video and see our examples of science in the kitchen.


1) I talked about experimenting with different white powders from the kitchen. Compare what happens when you add water to cornstarch, flour, and baking soda.

2) Anthea from Blue Bear Wood used lemons to power fairy lights and a calculator. She also showed us how to created secret messages with lemon juice.

3) Cerys from Rainy Day Mum focused on the science of eggs. Observe how an egg changes based on what you do to it.

4) Maggy from Life at the Zoo and Red Ted Art showed off her sugar crystals and talked about the science behind making them. Read more about making sugar crystals.

This Month’s Challenge: Kitchen Chemistry

Each month we will issue a science challenge for you to complete. If you accept the challenge, you can share what you did at a link party hosted by Science SparksThe Imagination Tree, and Inspiration Laboratories.

This month we challenge you to get in the kitchen and do some chemistry with your kids.

Link up your projects starting tomorrow {Thursday, 5/9}.

More Science Ideas

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