Science at Home: Air Experiments & Activities

We’re back with the next episode in our Science at Home video series. Today’s topic is air. Our discussion includes air experiments and activities involving learning about breathing, air currents, clouds, wind, air resistance, and more. The goal is to share simple ideas for doing science together.

Science at Home: Air Experiments

Science at Home: Air

Watch the video to see our activities and discussion.

1) I talk about cloud watching and share an easy way to track the movement of clouds and air in the atmosphere.

2) Maggy from Life at the Zoo and Red Ted Art shows off a lovely parachute and talks about how air resistance allows a parachute to work against gravity. Read more about their parachute experiments.

3) Cerys from Rainy Day Mum shares a fun way to observe air currents with a paper spiral.

4) Anthea from Blue Bear Wood has a great visual for learning about how our lungs work.

5) Megan from Coffee Cups and Crayons shares two ways to demonstrate how wind works with kite making and hot air.

6) Eva Varga teaches us how air has mass and how carbon dioxide is heavier than air.

Bonus! Don’t forget about this month’s Challenge and Discover. The science challenge is to make a parachute!

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