Pom Tree Kids Playhouse and Sticker Art

Pom Tree Kids is sponsoring this post. We were recently sent a huge box of craft supplies from Pom Tree Kids. The supplies come in little kits that are perfect imagination starters and great for pretend play and storytelling. Aiden loved the Sparkle Fun Playhouse and open ended sticker tubs the most.

Pom Tree Kids Playhouse Creativity Kit #PomTreeKids

Pom Tree Kids Sparkle Fun Playhouse

The Sparkle Fun Playhouse and many of the other kits from Pom Tree Kids are for ages 5+. Not to worry. Younger kids can still have fun with the end product and will be able to help you with several steps along the way. It’s a great afternoon project for the whole family.

Playset structures fit together like a puzzle. You’ll work on problem-solving skills as you build and create. All of the pieces interlock together or have sticky backs. You won’t need any glue, so there’s no mess. Helpful tip: Have a trash bag nearby and pick up the sticker paper and cardboard punches as you go.

Open the box and it’s all neatly packaged.

Sparkle Fun Playhouse Package

Assemble the playhouse.

Pom Tree Kids Playhouse Creativity Kit #PomTreeKids

  1. Put the foam base together.
  2. Add the front wall.
  3. Attach the side walls.
  4. Add the second floor.
  5. Attach the roof to the second floor.
  6. Add the stairs to the side of the house.
  7. Place the roof stickers on the roof. {Aiden’s favorite part}
  8. Assemble the furniture.
    Pom Tree Kids Playhouse #PomTreeKids
  9. Add the chimney, awnings, windows, shutters, doors, and other sticker decorations.

Sparkle Fun Playhouse #PomTreeKids

My son {almost 4 years old} was able to help me punch out all of the pieces of the playhouse. He also helped me attached the stairs, add stickers, and cover the roof.

Once the playhouse was constructed, Aiden set out to play. He added cars and other play figurines to the story. Aiden has taken apart most of the furniture {it’s easy to reassemble}, but the house has remained intact.

Sticker Art and Storytelling

Pom Tree Kids also has several themed sticker tubs. The stickers are made of foam, felt, and paper that make for great mixed media art. The recommended age is 3+. Stickers are perfect for working on fine motor skills and creating stories.

Aiden chose the garden themed sticker tub. It has over 400 stickers. He chose a pink piece of paper {and decided my favorite color was pink} and a white piece of paper.

He looked over the stickers and chose a few to start. As he added stickers, he told a story about what was happening.

Sticker Art #PomTreeKids


Sticker Art #PomTreeKids

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