5 Paper Plate Games

Are you looking for a way to get the kids moving around? These super fun paper plate games will surely entertain them for a while. My kids had a blast with these games outside. If you have enough space, you could play them inside. They would also work well for a road trip. Let the kids play a game while you take a break from the car.

These paper plate games are a fun way to get kids moving!

Paper Plate Games

Stepping Stones

The goal is to get from the start to the finish by using the paper plates as stepping stones.

Use paper plates as stepping stones for a fun race.

Give each player 2 paper plates. Step on the paper plates. Pick one up and move it forward. Continue until you get to the finish line.

Use paper plates as stepping stones for a fun race.

My 6 year old though this game was too easy but also really enjoyed racing everyone and winning. My 2 year old struggled with standing on one plate and transitioning between the plates. It proved to be a great gross motor game to work on balance and coordination.

Paper plates are a great balancing game for toddlers.

You could also make a path of paper plates to make it easier for younger kids.

Golf Ball Carry

Place a golf ball (we used the plastic ones) or something similar on top of a paper plate. Carry the plate and ball from start to finish without dropping it. If you drop the golf ball, start over and try again.

Create a golf ball carry game with paper plates.

Increase the difficult by allowing only one hand to be used or by creating obstacles to walk around.

Discus Throw

How far can you throw the paper plate? Throw it like a frisbee and watch it fly through the air.

Try your hand at the discus throw.

Number Run

Write numbers on different paper plates. Scatter the paper plates around the yard. Call out a number. Have the players run to find that number and bring it back to the start. Score a point for every correct number you find.

Use paper plates for this number run game.

Bean Bag Toss

Place a few paper plates on the ground at varying distances. Mark a starting line. Toss a bean bag onto a paper plate. Score points for landing on a paper plate.

bean bag toss game

What paper plate games do you play?

More Outside Games to Play

If you like the paper plate games, you’ll want to try these ideas:

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