Oh, how my son loves to paint!

We paint with brushes.
We paint with sponges.
We paint with bottles and cardboard tubes.

We paint rocks and acorns.
We paint computer paper, cardstock, paper bags, kraft paper, freezer paper, and coffee filters.

Today’s post is about painting with leaves, fingers, and a cookie cutter.


This month’s Kid Art Explorers Challenge was No Paint Brushes Allowed.

My favorite part of the Kid Art Explorers Projects is that the focus is on the process.
It’s about exploring and having fun.

Can I say that’s my favorite part about being a mom?
Watching my son experience and explore new things.
Seeing the excitement on his face when he discovers something.
It’s pure awesomeness.

Now for the art.

Aiden was carrying around some leaves he collected on a recent outing.  I asked him if he was ready to paint  {at the table I had paper and paint – no brushes or anything else}.  I was just planning on finger painting.

Aiden asked if he could paint with his leaves.  Sounds like a good idea to me!

Then, he set the leaf down and mixed all the paint with his fingers.  Ooey gooey.  Mixing paint makes black!

Aiden requested that I “color an A.”  He frequently requests that I draw As or sometimes other letters on paper {or in the dirt}.

I answered his request with a cookie cutter.  I showed him how to dip the A into the paint and make a print.  He happily printed As all over the paper.

Lastly, Aiden asked for more paint.  But instead of on the plastic lids like usual, he asked for the paint to be added directly to the paper. He chose a color and directed me where to place it.  {Red paint here and here…}  How cute!

What’s your favorite way to paint?

Don’t forget to stop by the Kid Art Explorers Project page to see all of the No Paint Brushes Allowed creations!

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