Motorola Baby Monitor Review

When registering for shower gifts before Aiden was born, we placed a video monitor on our registry. One of our family members purchased the product for us. They actually flipped a coin in the store to determine whether to buy the baby monitor or a play gym. I am very thankful the video monitor won the toss. Aiden’s room was just across the kitchen from our bedroom, but being able to see him sleep made me feel better and sleep more easily. That video monitor actually didn’t last very long. By the time he was 18 months old, the video no longer played. I bought an inexpensive audio monitor to take it’s place. Now that he was older I felt more comfortable with just being able to listen in. I also liked the fact that I could take the monitor with me outside while he napped. The video monitor we had was essentially a small box TV. Baby monitors have changed drastically since Aiden was born 5 years ago.

Motorola Video Baby Monitor

Enter the Motorola baby monitor. After Lily was born, I knew I wanted a video monitor for her. Her room is on a different level than our room. She still sleeps in our room at night {I’m working on being ok with the transition}. She naps in her room during the day. Before getting the video monitor, if she made the slightest noise {or I thought she did}, I would run to check on her usually to find her still fast asleep. With the video monitor, I can look in on her without going into her room. It makes me feel so much better. The Motorola baby monitor has a ton of great features.

Motorola video baby monitor


Motorola Baby Monitor Review of Features

The Motorola MBP36S video baby monitor has a 3.5″ diagonal full color LCD screen that is easily carried from room to room. I can sit it next to me while I’m working on the computer, place it on my bedside table, or bring it with me outside while I watch Aiden play. Here are more of the product’s features:

Wireless technology 2.4 GHz FHSS – This feature helps make the wireless connection between the camera and parent unit secure. FHSS stands for frequency-hopping spread spectrum. It makes it less likely for someone else to pick up the signal.

Remote pan, tilt, and zoom on the camera – The camera is not stuck in one spot. This is great for keeping an eye on toddlers who like to move about their room or even babies who roll around their cribs.

Motorola monitor zoom
The top photo shows the 1x zoom and the bottom photo shows the 2x zoom.

Crystal clear two-way communication – Not only can you hear baby, but with one press of a button, baby can hear you. I like being able to tell Lily that I’m on my way. It calms her down a bit.

Infrared night vision – Keep an eye on baby even in the dark.

Room temperature display – Here’s another feature that makes me feel at ease. I can keep track of the temperature in Lily’s room without having a separate thermometer and I don’t have to go in her room to check on it.

Motorola video baby monitor

5 lullabies – Aiden liked listening to music while he was sleeping. Lily seems to like it, too. Again, you can control the music remotely.

Expandable up to 4 cameras – You can buy extra cameras to keep an eye on multiple rooms in your house. This would be great for watching the kids play in the play room while you’re making dinner.

View two baby units simultaneously with picture-in-picture technology – You can cycle through the different cameras or you can watch two at once.

Take a look at the rest of the features on the Motorola MBP36S video baby monitor.

Sleepy Lily has just woken up from her nap.
Sleepy Lily has just woken up from her nap.

What is your must-have feature for a baby monitor?


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