On Being a Mom Entrepreneur

When I became a mom, I also became a mom entrepreneur – partly out of necessity and partly because of the blogging community I found. I have a few more business ideas I hope to develop in the future, too.

On Being a Mom Entrepreneur - sponsored by MUMZY - a new way for moms to fund their brilliant ideas and bring them to life.

My Story of Becoming a Mom Entrepreneur

When my husband and I decided to start a family, we knew we wanted me to stay home with them. That’s part of the reason we waited to have children. We were married 9 years before Aiden was born. The first year of Aiden’s life, my husband was finishing his master’s degree, so he stayed home while I continued teaching high school.

We traded places the following year, and I have been home with the kids ever since. I started blogging in 2011 mostly as a way to connect with other moms. I found a great community of like-minded moms – many of them also former teachers. I also found my “voice” and a business. I’m passionate about learning through play and love sharing science ideas. In 2012, I founded Inspiration Laboratories. It gradually has become the website you know today.

I have several other business ideas floating around in my head. My dream job would be to own a science center where children can come play and learn science (and of course my kids would come to work with me). Once I work out the logistics and create an actual business plan, it may one day become a reality. I also have Read Science, another website I recently started. Currently Read Science is a blog that showcases science activities inspired by children’s books. In the future, I have plans to add curriculum and leveled readers to the site. When I go to raise capital for either of these adventures, I plan on going to www.mumzy.com and crowdfunding the ideas. (Read more about Mumzy below.)


Right now, I’m enjoying my baby girl, Lily. She’ll be one in April. It’s also Aiden’s last year at home. He starts kindergarten in the fall. I’m soaking up as much time with him as I can, too. And during my free moments, I’m writing for this site and working on growing it. Did you know I just started a weekly newsletter? It contains exclusive science explorations plus a recap of our week and other tips and resources just for you. Check out the details and subscribe here.

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MUMZY™ also provides small business development resources to the community so a mom’s journey to entrepreneurship doesn’t end when her funding goals are met.

MUMZY™ looks to develop a community where moms can pledge donations and offer suggestions and ideas to other peoples’ projects. Head over to the site – www.mumzy.com – and check out the projects currently there.

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I love being a mom, and I love being able to work from home.


I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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