DIY Video Game Birthday Invitations – Minecraft Invitations

My soon-to-be 8 year old requested a Minecraft party for his birthday this year. I let him help design the invitations using scenes from the video game. What we came up with are super easy Minecraft birthday invitations. The same process can be used to make any video game birthday invitation.

Make your own birthday invitations from a video game screenshot. Minecraft fans will love this idea.

Minecraft Birthday Invitations

The first step is to choose a scene from your video game. In Minecraft, this means creating every aspect of the background of the invitation. Aiden used Creative Mode and chose a flat world to begin building his design.

After he was done creating the world, I found the best angle for the invitation picture by moving the player (Steve) around. Then, I took a screenshot.

Minecraft screenshot

The picture was a little darker than I liked, so I used my computer’s photo editing software to lighten the image. I cropped it as well.

Minecraft screenshot edited

Next, I used Canva to create the invitation. It’s a free online image editing program. You can choose from a pre-made design or use custom dimensions. I chose the 8.5 in x 11 in Flyer. I selected a grid from the Elements section.

Canva grid invitation template

I uploaded the edited screen shot and added the image to each of the sections of the grid. Then, I added the details of the party to each image.

DIY Minecraft Birthday Invitation

I saved the invitations as a PDF, printed them out on white card stock, and then cut them apart. Aiden and I love the way they turned out. His friends thought they were super cool, too.

I’ll be sharing more of his Minecraft themed birthday party in a couple weeks!

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