Glow in the Dark Letter Hunt

A glow in the dark letter hunt combines my son’s love of the dark {and glow in the dark things} with a simple letter hunt. It’s a fun letter practice game! Try it out and tell me if your child gets as excited about it as mine.

Letter Practice: Glow in the Dark Letter Hunt

Letter Practice: Glow in the Dark Letter Hunt sent us a box of goodies to try out. Some of them were just fun for Aiden to use in process based art – like glitter glue and glow in the dark paint. There’s nothing really to those projects – just spread out the glue or paint, and have fun.

In the box, we also found some glow in the dark letter beads. We’ve used these in a couple projects already. I’ll share the second use for them on a later date. The glow in the dark letter beads seemed perfect for a little letter practice.

If you’ve ever tried to find beads that have fallen on the floor, you know how difficult it can be. I didn’t want to be searching everywhere for beads, so I glued the letter beads onto milk caps.

Letter Practice: Glow in the Dark Letter Hunt

We’ve used milk caps for our Truffula Tree math games and written numbers on the outside of the milk caps. I wanted to keep the numbers on the outside, so I glued the letter beads onto the inside of the milk caps. I used hot glue. That way if we want to use the letter beads for another project, we can. The beads will pop right off.

The Hunt

We let the letter beads {glued to milk caps} sit in the sunlight for a while. Then we carried them to a dark room. At this point, Aiden was excited because we were in the dark and there were glow in the dark letters. I asked him to search for letters. I would call out a letter or a letter sound, and he would find the letter. The darkness added a level of difficulty to finding the letters.

Letter Practice: Glow in the Dark Letter Hunt

Bonus Letter Bead Game

We also played with the letter beads in the light. The milk caps made for interesting manipulatives. We practiced spelling Aiden’s name and other words he chose.

Name and Letter Practice

More Letter Practice Games

We have fun with practicing our letters here at Inspiration Laboratories. Here are a few examples you might try:

  • Practice letter recognition and letter sounds with a fun game that gets kids moving.
  • Make letters with objects in nature.
  • Use letter beads to practice graphing. You can also work on colors and counting.

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