Horse Small World Play

Invite your child’s imagination by setting up a simple horse small world play area. I get commissions for purchases made through the affiliate links in this post. Lottie Dolls sent us the Pony Club® Lottie Doll & Pony Set for review. By adding a few props, I created a special play area for my daughter and her horse.

Horse Small World Play - Lottie Dolls sent for review - set up a simple small world play scene with toys and props

Horse Small World Play

My kids have fallen in love with Lottie Dolls. They have enjoyed playing with them in our fossil hunting sensory bin. They’ve also taken them on other adventures. My daughter, Lily, specifically requested the Pony Club® Lottie Doll & Pony Set. She was super excited to open the box and play with the horse. She also let Lottie come along for the ride some of the time. All of the Lottie Dolls are modeled after real kids – 9 year olds to be exact. The dolls have flexible joints and bendable knees, and they can even stand on their own two feet.

horse small world play with Pony Club® Lottie Doll & Pony Set

I like to use colored or patterned paper in our small world set ups. A simple pop of color can represent so much. Green for grass, blue for water, brown for dirt, etc. Let your imagination allow you to create different features based on the colors you have. For this horse small world, I used a piece of scrapbook paper with a grass picture.

Pretend play with a horse small world setup

We created a little garden using rocks and flowers. The flowers are made from craft sticks and flower stickers sent to us by Water is represented by glass gems. We glued together craft sticks to create a jump for the horse.

Lily used sparkly pom poms (also sent to us by as food for the horse. She also added pumpkins to the scene.

Pretend play with a horse small world setup

All in all, this was a super simple small world play setup for Lily’s horse. She loved interacting with all of the elements in the small world.

Pretend play with a horse small world setup

See the entire selection of Lottie Dolls on the Lottie Dolls website. They just released a wooden stables play set that I’ve got my eye on. It would make a great gift idea.

Connect with Lottie Dolls on your favorite social media. Their Instagram feed is full of pretend play ideas for Lottie Dolls.

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