Halloween Fine Motor Game

Erasers make a great manipulative. They are inexpensive and you can find them in a variety of themes. We found a bunch of pumpkin erasers that are perfect for a Halloween fine motor game. This post contains affiliate links.

Use erasers for a simple Halloween fine motor game.

Halloween Fine Motor Game

We used the Halloween erasers previously in a flashlight treasure hunt and for a STEM stacking challenge. Both of those ideas work on fine motor skills to some extent, but I wanted to focus specifically on fine motor for this activity. Safety note: erasers can be small, so only use with children who will not put them in their mouths and always supervise.

You’ll Need:

  • Halloween erasers (or some small manipulative – pom poms work well too)
  • Ice cube tray (we used one with pumpkin shapes)
  • Tweezers or chopsticks

Use erasers for a simple Halloween fine motor game.

Set out the ice cube tray, a handful of the erasers, and tweezers or chopsticks. This was enough of an invitation for my kids to use the tweezers to pick up the pumpkin erasers and place them into the tray. You may need to explain to your child what to do.

Use erasers for a simple Halloween fine motor game.

My son (age 6.5) chose to place one pumpkin in each spot. I thought it was interesting how he matched the shape of the pumpkins. He placed the top ones upside down.

Use erasers for a simple Halloween fine motor game.


  • Count the pumpkins as you pick them up.
  • Stack a second layer of pumpkins on top of the first. How many layers can you make?
  • Our pumpkin ice cube tray had ten pumpkins. This would be perfect for a ten square. Use two different kinds of erasers to practice adding up to ten.

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Halloween Decorating Kit

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