Halloween Counting Games

Use Halloween themed erasers to practice simple math skills in our Halloween counting games for kids. The math games are perfect for preschool and early elementary.

Use Halloween themed erasers as math counters for these Halloween Counting Games. They're perfect for preschool and early elementary grades.

Halloween Counting Games

Fun erasers make for fabulous math counters. And they’re super inexpensive. You can get a bag of 50-100 for $1 in the Target Dollar Spot. The availability varies by store. We found black cats, spiders, pumpkins, and skulls at our Target.

I created two printables to use with counting the erasers. You may download them for your own personal or classroom use.

The goal of the Number Circles activity is to place one Halloween eraser in each circle counting the erasers as you go along. This helps practice one to one correspondence. It helps kids begin to match the number they are saying with the object they are touching or seeing. Many kids can count 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc. by rote but they often have trouble counting objects. They will count objects twice or keep counting even though there are no more things to count. After a bit of practice, they’ll get the hang of it.

Cut out the number circle cards and choose a number. Ask your child to place erasers on the circles. She can either count them as she’s placing them down or you can have her count them once they are all placed.

The second of the Halloween counting games practices counting to ten. It is essentially a ten frame and you can use it to count combinations of numbers to add up to ten. You’ll need two types of erasers for this activity.

Choose a number 1-10. I printed numbers for us to use. You could also use playing cards or just have your child choose a random number.

Practice counting and adding to ten with this halloween counting game. Use Halloween themed erasers as math counters.

Use the number you chose and count out that number of erasers (type 1). Then, fill in the rest of the number circles with the second type of erasers. How many erasers (type 2) did you use? This number plus your first number equals 10. In our example below, 4 cats plus 6 spiders equals 10. And 2 cats plus 8 cats equals 10.

Practice counting and adding to ten with this halloween counting game. Use Halloween themed erasers as math counters.

I first created the Counting 10 Number Circles printable to go along with the book Ten Black Dots by Donald Crews. Check out how we used them in our Ten Black Dot Art and Math Activities.

You can also use the erasers for a Halloween STEM Stacking Challenge.

Use pumpkin erasers for a fun Halloween themed STEM stacking challenge. It makes for a great busy bag, too.

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  • Check out the STEAM Kids Halloween ebook. (I get a commission if you buy through my link.) It has more than 50 pages of spooky fun STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math) activities that are sure to be great fun! Click here to learn more.

Halloween STEAM ebook

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