#GetOutside Photo Scavenger Hunt

April 2012 #GetOutside Photo Scavenger Hunt

For an intro to this challenge and to see Days 1-5, view this post.

Day 6 – Flower

Aiden is smelling the flowers.  “They smell good.”  Don’t you love the wrinkled face?

Day 7 – Happy

Looking at the birds in the trees while getting ready for a bike ride makes us happy.

Day 8 – Family

Easter is about celebrating the resurrection of Jesus.  We enjoyed some time outside hunting for Easter eggs.

Day 9 – Bug

We found this grasshopper on a telephone pole in our neighborhood.  I love the colors.

Day 10 – Animal

Patrick found this lizard inside the house.  He brought it outside to show Aiden and me and to let it go.

Day 11 – Shadow

Tree shadow.  Aiden has been curious about shadows and shade lately.  Really ever since our shadow play science fun.

Day 12 – Dirt

Dirt falling from Aiden’s hand.  He was dropping it onto the sidewalk.

Day 13 – Weather

A few rain clouds were in the sky during our bike ride.  Only a couple drops of rain touched us.

Day 14 – Celebrate

Celebrating a beautiful evening and a nice walk.

Day 15 – Wonder

Observing what objects sink and float in our bucket.  You can read more about this experience here.

Day 16 – Imagination

Drawing in the sand.  Aiden says it is a rocket ship.  Do you see it?  Me, neither.  I love his imagination.

Day 17 – Water

“Water for the firefighters.” – Aiden says.

Day 18 – Old

Our backyard fence – needs some fixing.

Day 19 – Walk


An evening walk around the neighborhood.

Day 20 – Color

A pretty pink flower.

Day 21 – Food

A blue jay on a roof looking for food.  He kept flying away from us.  Actually, this was our most difficult day so far.  We wanted to take pictures of the mockingbirds eating in the grass, but we never could get anywhere close enough to take a picture.

Day 22 – A Favorite Place

Birds at the lake.

Day 23 – Rock

Aiden’s rock house.

Day 24 – Garden

Someone’s flower garden

Day 25 – Green

Green grass.

Day 26 – Leaves

A cool wasp sitting on the leaf.

Day 27 – Round

Wheels of a cannon.  We took advantage of National Park Week.

Day 28 – Sunset

Sunset through our bug splattered windshield.  A sleeping Aiden in the back.

Day 29 – Quiet

Sitting and enjoying playing outside.

Day 30 – Stick

I couldn’t resist taking a picture of this giant pile of sticks for today’s scavenger hunt find.



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