#GetOutside Photo Scavenger Hunt

Remember when I challenged you to get outside and search for animal homes where you live?
Did you take the challenge?

I’ve got another challenge {or two} to share!

When Go Explore Nature introduced this fun outdoor challenge, I knew we would be participating.
It’s a great excuse to go outside.
Not that we really need an excuse, we have tons of fun playing and exploring outside.

We were excited about the photo scavenger hunt aspect.
Aiden has a camera and enjoys taking pictures.
Most of his pictures are of his feet, but he is getting better with pointing at actual subjects.  {His favorite subject is our dog.}

Check out Go Explore Nature for all of the details on how to play.  Debi gives you a subject to photograph each day of the month of April.  If you want, you can share your pictures via Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.

The point is to get outside every day with your family.
hands on: as we grow talked about a similar challenge.  You can share your ideas and pictures with Jamie as well.

Here’s the first 5 days of our Photo Scavenger Hunt.

Day 1 – Tree

The four of us (Patrick, me, Aiden, and Anea – the dog) enjoyed an afternoon at the park.  Aiden took a lot of pictures of trees.  This is the one he chose to share with you.

Day 2 – Bird

Aiden wanted to photograph this duck in the pond at the park.

Day 3 – Sky

Out on an afternoon walk with Aiden.  He chose this view of the sky.  Nothing like clear blue sky in the Sunshine State.

Day 4 – Backyard

We usually play in our front yard.  It’s a lot bigger than our backyard and actually has grass.  {It’s too shady in our backyard.}  Here’s Aiden looking cool in his sunglasses under his tree.

Day 5 – Play

Today we hung out in the backyard and played in the dirt/sand.  Aiden found some little fruits that had fallen of the trees.  He collected more rocks.  He even pulled out the ribbon sticks to play in the wind.  {It wasn’t windy enough, so he was a bit disappointed.}

To see the rest of our photos for the month, go here.

Will you accept the challenge to get outside everyday with your children?  
How about as an entire family?  
Will you join me in the photo scavenger hunt as well?

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