Friendship Treats for Furry Friends

It’s week 2 of the MeMeTales Readathon!  This week’s theme is Friendship.  There are 3 new books to borrow for the week at MeMeTales:  StickFiggy Makes a Friend,  Lott’s Tea Party, and Arthur.  All three are great reads.  Inspired by Arthur, we made a special treat for a special friend.

Arthur is about a dog who desperately wants a forever home.  He is the only dog left in the pet shop.  Each day more and more pets get homes.  Arthur tries everything to get noticed.  He acts like all the other animals in the pet shop hoping someone will take him home.  Finally, he decides to be himself.  When he is the only pet left in the shop, a little girl and her dad come in to take him home.  Arthur is happy at last.

The story illustrates the importance of being yourself instead of trying to get others to like you by being something you’re not.  It fits perfectly with our Friendship theme.  True friends like you for who you are.

How to be a good friend is an important skill for children {and adults} to have.  The best ways to teach a child how to be a friend are to model being a friend yourself and to let them practice being a friend.

What are some attributes of a good friend?

  • A good friend is kind.
  • A good friend shares.
  • A good friend takes turns.
  • A good friend encourages.
  • A good friend helps.
  • A good friend plays fairly.
  • A good friend likes you for who you are.




Meet Anea – a nine year old shepard mix.  Aiden and Anea are good friends.  We’ve taught Aiden how to play with Anea.  Her favorite game is fetch, which provide Aiden tons of entertainment.  He knows how to nicely and gently pet her.  Aiden calls, and Anea comes running.  I thought it would be a kind act of friendship to make Anea some special treats.


No Bake Dog Treats

I found a recipe at the Dog Treat Kitchen that didn’t require turning the oven on.  It’s super quick and easy and only has 3 ingredients.

No bake dog treats - an act of friendship for furry friends #readforgood

Aiden helped mix together the milk, peanut butter, and oats.  We shaped the mixture into circles and squares as requested by the little chef.  I had some leftover bacon, so I topped a couple of treats with bacon as well.  We gave Anea a treat as soon as we were done forming them, but the recipe suggests refrigerating to allow them to set up a bit.  She liked them both ways equally as well.

There are lots of other friendship activities linked up at MeMeTales.  Be sure to check them out!  Have you been waiting for the MeMeTales Android app to arrive?  It is now available!  That means you can read the ebooks on your computer or any device that has a web browser.  You can also download an app on the iPad, iPhone, Android device, and Kindle Fire.  The Nook app will be available soon.

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