DUPLO Counting Games

Do your kids love LEGO? Using LEGO for learning is always a fun idea. These DUPLO counting games are sure to be a hit with toddlers and preschoolers. Affiliate links are included in this post.

All aboard! Load up the DUPLO train to play fun counting games! Toddlers and Preschoolers will love this.

DUPLO Counting Games

Lily got two new DUPLO sets for her 2nd birthday – the Mickey and Minnie Birthday Parade Building Kit and Minnie’s Café. We’ve been having fun playing with them. I can’t resist adding in some learning to our play. The numbers from the parade set are perfect for counting practice.

Train Counting Game

Place a number on a base plate. This is your station. (If you don’t have numbers on your bricks, you can draw them on with markers or you could tape paper numbers on like we did for our number vaults game.)

All aboard! Load up the DUPLO train with animals to play a fun counting game.

Load up your train with similar objects (bricks, DUPLO figures, animals, etc.), choose a driver, and head off to make the delivery.

Use DUPLO animals to practice counting.

Once the train arrives at the station, move the correct number of objects from the train to the station. Drive the train away and load it up again.

What will you count? How about some flowers?

Practice counting flowers with a DUPLO train.

Load up the train and then drop off the correct number. Moving DUPLO pieces from one place to another is great for fine motor practice, too.

Practice counting flowers with DUPLO.

Do you have a handful of DUPLO figures? All aboard! It’s time to go!

All aboard! Load up the DUPLO train to play a fun counting game.

Drop off 4 friends at the station counting them one by one.

 Use DUPLO figures to play a fun counting game.

You could also stack regular bricks or bricks with pictures. Lily is counting presents in the picture below.

Play a fun counting game with DUPLO.

DUPLO Count, Stack, and Graph

Have your child place the DUPLO numbers in order on a base plate. For each number, practice counting out bricks. For the number 1, ask your child to choose 1 DUPLO brick. Have her stack the brick on top of the number 1. For the number 2, ask your child to choose 2 DUPLO bricks and stack them on top of the number 2. Continue with the remaining numbers. You’ve just made a vertical graph!

Use DUPLO to practice counting and graphing.

More DUPLO Counting Games to Try

  • Place a number brick on the train. Pick up the correct number of passengers. All aboard!
  • Put all of the numbers on the train. Deliver them to the station and place them in numerical order.
  • Use a plane or another vehicle to move the objects or numbers around.
  • Instead of building your brick graph by stacking DUPLO vertically, create a graph that is flat.

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