Counting Flowers with Number Circles

We have lots of flowers left over from our transpiration investigation. Aiden asked to pick the petals off the flowers and that gave me an idea. Our counting flowers with number circles activity was born.

Counting Flowers with Number Circles

Counting Flowers with Number Circles

I have made number circles before for a Halloween math game over at Kids Activities Blog. That idea uses our pumpkin rocks. You can really use anything – pom poms, beads, paper – anything that fits into the circles.

I wanted to make our number circles a little differently this time. Aiden knows how to count to 20 something {usually skipping the number 14}, but he still needs some practice with one to one correspondence – matching numbers to objects. His ability to count numbers doesn’t really matter unless the numbers have meaning. We work on counting things throughout our day – when we read stories, when we play with Legos, when we eat a meal, when we walk up steps, etc. He does pretty well, but sometimes he loses track of how many are there – he forgets whether or not he’s pointed to that object already.

I printed a number and added the corresponding number of circles below it.

The goal of the activity is to place one flower petal in each circle counting the petals as you go along. And there’s fine motor practice as a bonus. Have your child pull the petals off of the flowers as she adds them to the circles.

Counting Flowers with Number Circles

You see the number 5. Place 5 flower petals inside the circles {one in each circle}. Count them – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. There are five flower petals inside the five circles.

You could also write the numbers inside the circles for even more help.

Number Circle Printable

You can print the numbers and circles, too. Here are the Number Circles with numbers 1-12 and their corresponding circles {3 pages total}.

Number Circles Printable

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