Make Science Investigations Fun with Cool Science Tools

Science investigations are always more fun when you have the proper tools. Educational Insights has developed a whole line of science tools for kids. Nancy B’s Science Club® features cool science tools and activity journals to get kids excited about science explorations. They sent us three Nancy B’s Science Club products to check out for ourselves. Read more about what we thought below. Affiliate links are included in this post.

Make science investigations fun with cool science tools for kids.

Cool Science Tools for Kids

Explore Underwater with an AquaScope

When I first saw the Nancy B’s Science Club product line, I was immediately drawn to the AquaScope. My kids love playing in creeks and rivers. I knew the AquaScope would be fun for them to explore more of what lives in the water.

Check out the video below to see how the AquaScope works.

We took our AquaScope to a local state park. There’s a creek right next to the trail that’s easy to access and explore.

Use the Nancy B's Science Club AquaScope to explore under water.

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Use the Aquascope after reading Merhorses and Bubbles (book 3 in the Zoey and Sassafras series).

In the book, Zoey creates her own underwater viewer and heads to the stream to observe insects. She discovers the stream is unhealthy and the magical creatures that live there are suffering. It’s up to Zoey and Sassafras to solve the mystery of what’s causing the problem in the stream and save the Merhorses.

Unhealthy streams are a real problem. The insects that live there are a good indicator of stream health. Use the AquaScope to explore the stream bugs in your local creek. Check out this Key to Macroinvertebrate Life in the River from the Missouri Stream Team. The identification chart will help you identify the species you find.

Collect and Observe with Discovery Lab Pens

The Nancy B’s Science Lab Discovery Lab Pens and Field Journal are another cool science tool that kids will love. The lab pens are actually several science tools in one. The water pen features a liquid specimen vial with volume markings, built-in dropper, and thermometer. It was fun to collect things in the creek.

Nancy B's Science Club Discovery Lab Pens are a cool science tool for kids.

The land pen features a collection vial, built-in tweezers, and a ruler for specimen observation. Both of the pens have a magnifying glass as well. Below Lily is looking at a purple basil leaf under the magnifying glass.

Nancy B's Science Club Discovery Lab Pens are a cool science tool for kids.

The discovery lab pens come with a field journal that has some great prompts for exploring. Aiden really liked the scavenger hunt aspect of this page in the journal. He has requested that I make a longer scavenger hunt for him and his friends to do.

Nancy B's Science Club Discovery Lab Pens are a cool science tool for kids.

Learn More About Trees and Flowers with a Nature Press

The last new product we tested out was the Nancy B’s Science Club Nature Keeper and Tree Diary. It includes a nature press, tweezers, a leaf-shaped craft punch, and an activity journal with science and art activities for every season. The goal of this kit is to explore the trees and flowers around your backyard over the course of the year.

We really liked using the nature press. It has room for lots of flowers or leaves. We chose several plants from our butterfly garden to press.

Use the Nancy B's Science Club nature press to explore plants.

After just one day, the flowers were flattened and were beginning to dry out. It will be fun to use the dried flowers and leaves in art projects once they are completely dry. I’m planning on using them along with the Nature Arts and Craft printable pack from Mother Natured.

More Science Explorations for Kids

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