Christmas: What do You Believe?

Christmas is one of my favorite times of year.
I love spending time with family.
I love selecting the perfect presents for everyone on my list.
I love watching people open presents.
I love
the lights,
the Christmas trees,
the decorations,
the music – oh how I love the music.

But something always bothers me about this time of year…
Why does he get the focus?
Why do so many children put their faith in this man?
Why do so many adults let their children put faith in him?
Why do we allow them to believe in him?

Some say it’s just a fairy tale,
a made up story,
it’s all in fun,
there’s no harm in letting them believe.

But is there harm in it?

As a child, I wanted to believe in Santa Claus so badly…
I kept looking for evidence to support the idea that he was real.
I would try to stay awake as long as possible
listening for Santa
half expecting to hear my parents instead.
Every year I fell asleep.

I don’t remember when I gave up on the idea.
My parents never told me the truth.
When I did finally give up on Santa, I was a little crushed.
I felt lied to.
I wondered what else I had been lied to about…

Am I alone in this?
Were you okay with the transition from childhood believing to adult reality?

I think the perpetuation of Santa Claus
and the resultant commercialization of Christmas
detracts from the real reason for Christmas.

I never understand the people that celebrate Christmas without believing in Jesus.
And I mean truly believing.

The reason I love Christmas so much is because of Jesus –
we are celebrating His birth.
Without Him, Christmas would not exist.
God came to WALK with us,
so that He could DIE for us,
so that we might LIVE.

You might wonder what I am teaching my son about Christmas.
He’s only 2, so he doesn’t really understand it all yet.
However, I am not telling him to believe in Santa.
Santa is not coming to our house.
There will still be presents,
but the presents are from family not Santa.

I am teaching him about the birth of Jesus.
He knows the story of Mama Mary, Daddy Joseph, and Baby Jesus.
He knows that Jesus was born in a manger surrounded by animals.
He knows that the shepherds were sent by an angel to see Jesus.
He knows that the wise men followed a star to see Jesus and brought him gifts.
He knows that this time of year is a time for celebrating.
{He may be too little to understand the difference
between celebrating his own birthday and Jesus’s birthday,
but I’m trying to explain it.}
He loves the Christmas trees,
the lights,
the ornaments,
and the music
just as much as I do.
I don’t really know what he thinks of Santa.
I know he loves the reindeer.
He has only met Santa once, and he didn’t care to even talk to him.
I neither had Aiden sit on Santa’s lap nor did I have a picture taken.

What do I think of others that have pictures with Santa?
I don’t think less of them.
I think maybe they are just carrying on tradition.
It’s what you are supposed to do, right?
I know I’m the strange one.
I personally never enjoyed the experience of sitting on Santa’s lap.
He always seemed creepy.

If you choose visit Santa or have your children believe in Santa,
have you ever thought about why?
Is he a necessary part of Christmas for you?
I don’t know if there is a right answer.
I’m just saying that I have a problem with Santa because of my experiences.
I choose not to include a belief in him in my Christmas.
Do you we read and watch stories about Santa?  Yes.
Do we talk about Santa when we see him out places. Sure.
{Like I said, Aiden likes the reindeer.}
Santa is just another story character to us just like any other.
Do you visit Santa with that in mind?
Is it like going to Disney World and taking pictures with Mickey Mouse?

It’s easy to get caught up in the commercialization.
Ads are everywhere.
There’s always a sale.
It’s a good time to buy things for the people you love.

Just remember the reason for Christmas.

Remember that Christ came to earth for us.

{John 3:16}

Peace and blessings to your and yours this Christmas season!


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