Christmas Ornaments with Mod Podge and Children’s Art

Podgeable acrylic shapes from Mod Podge are a great base for Christmas ornaments or gift tags. Personalize the shapes with your child’s artwork, Mod Podge, and paint! This is a fun project to do as a family. Even toddlers can contribute their scribbles.

Christmas Ornaments with Mod Podge and Children's Art

I received a wonderful box of Mod Podge supplies from Plaid.

Mod Podge products

I have enjoyed experimenting and crafting with the products. I’ve used nearly everything in the box. I was immediately drawn to the podgeable shapes. They are clear acrylic and just begged to be turned into ornaments. They would also make great embellishments for gift packaging.

Mod Podge podgeable shapes

Mod Podge Podgeable Shapes Christmas Ornaments

Materials Used

Here’s a list of everything I used to create the ornaments. I’ll explain how the products worked together on the ornaments below.

  • Mod Podge Podgeable Acrylic Shapes
  • Glitter Paint {Extreme Glitter Confetti}
  • Mod Podge Sparkle
  • Mod Podge Antique Matte
  • Mod Podge Dimensional Magic {clear and glitter silver}
  • Paint brushes, sponges, and/or rollers
  • Your child’s coloring pages or other artwork
  • Ribbon
  • Drill or Dremel tool

How to Create the Christmas Ornaments with Artwork

I featured my almost-3-year-old son’s drawings on the ornaments. I chose which sections of the drawings I wanted to use and got to work.

crayon drawings

  1. Trace the podgeable acrylic shape onto your child’s artwork. You can also cut a more simple shape like I did for the flower shape. The key ornament has a simple traced shape on one side and a mosaic of drawings on the other side. I cut small pieces of several different drawings to make the mosaic.
    trace shape
  2. Attach the artwork to the podgeable shapes using Mod Podge and a sponge brush or roller. I used Mod Podge Sparkle for most of my shapes. {It is my favorite.} I used Mod Podge Antique Matte on the key shape. I only noticed an antiquing effect on the white paper not the colored paper, so keep this in mind when choosing your Mod Podge. You could also use a plain Mod Podge in matte or gloss if you don’t want everything to sparkle.
  3. Apply a layer of Mod Podge to the top of the artwork as well. Allow to dry.
    apply Mod Podge

My favorite ornament is complete after these 3 steps. My son drew a rocket ship. Now it is preserved forever.

Rocket Ship Ornament with Mod Podge Sparkle

If your ornament feels tacky even after drying, you can apply a clear acrylic sealer {also available from Mod Podge}.

Drill a hole in your podgeable shape. Then hang on the tree with some ribbon.

drill a hole for the ribbon

Take It a Step Further

To add more interest, you could decorate the other side of the ornament as well. For the flower shape, my son painted the other side with Extreme Glitter Confetti. Who can go wrong with silver glitter?

painting with glitter paint

To the key shape, I added a layer of Dimensional Magic to each side. On the mosaic side, I used the Dimensional Magic Glitter Silver. I squeezed a line around the edges and then filled in the center. The glitter covers up the artwork a bit, so it’s good to use if you want the art to subtly show beneath. On the other side of the key, I added clear Dimensional Magic. The art is easily visible, but you get the added height of using the Dimensional Magic. The effect reminds me of resin.

key ornament with dimensional magic

Here are all 3 of the ornaments:

Christmas Ornaments with Mod Podge and Children's Art

And here they are hung on the tree:

Christmas Ornaments with Mod Podge and Children's Art


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How would you use the podgeable shapes? Tomorrow I’ll show you some more ways of decorating them.

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