Cave Play

We’ve been talking about animal homes lately and reading about different places animals live.

One of our favorite books is Bear Snores On by Karma Wilson.  It’s about a bear who is hibernating in his cave during the winter.  Lots of animals find there way into the cave and essentially have a party while the bear sleeps.

There are several books about Bear.  We have read and enjoyed the book called Bear Feels Scared.  Bear is out looking for food when it starts to get dark and a storm happens upon him.  He is scared and doesn’t know what to do.

We talked about the cave the bear lives in – how it gives the bear shelter.  We talked about other animals that live in caves like bats.

I asked Aiden if he wanted to make a cave.  He said yes, so I put a blanket over two chairs.  Although, he has enjoyed this in the past, it was not what he had in mind.

He asked to make a blanket fort on our bed.  We piled the blankets and pillows up and made an opening for the cave.

Aiden brought some stuffed bears to join us in the cave.

Then, it was time to climb on top of the cave.

Aiden also likes to make a volcano with the blankets on our bed.  His dad wrapped him up in the blankets and made a mountain.  They called it a volcano.  Now he makes volcanoes out of blankets as well as caves.

Join in the fun with your little ones.  Grab some props and let their imaginations run wild.   Ask them to explain what they are doing.  Is it a cave, a fort, a volcano?  Who lives in the cave?  Grab some animals to join you.  Read a story and then recreate the scenes.  Ask your little ones to tell the story to you.  I am always amazed at how much of a story Aiden remembers.  And if they make up their own versions, even better!

Don’t you just love a child’s imagination?



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