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Spooky Spiders Halloween Decorations sponsored by #AtHomeStores

Spooky Spiders Halloween Decorations

Looking for something spooky for Halloween this year? I think spiders are just the trick. Our spooky spiders Halloween decorations are sponsored …

Help kids organize and break down tasks with an easy to make Velcro task chart.

Velcro Task Chart for Kids

A Velcro task chart is a fantastic way to help kids organize their day or to break up tasks into smaller parts. …

Reflection on motherhood - Let’s take time to embrace the sleepless nights and enjoy the cuddles while they last.

And the Tears Fell

He awoke in the middle of the night and was having a difficult time falling back to sleep. I held him and sang …

The addition of homemade coconut syrup makes this pineapple strawberry smoothie extra special. This fruity dessert is the perfect summertime treat..

Pineapple Strawberry Smoothie

A pineapple strawberry smoothie is the perfect summertime treat. The addition of homemade coconut syrup makes it extra special. Give it a …

These cinnamon spiced pumpkin muffins are an easy kid-friendly recipe. Make a batch to share with friends and neighbors.

Pumpkin Muffins

The Virtual Book Club for Kids is featuring Bear Says Thanks by Karma Wilson. We made pumpkin muffins to share with friends. Be sure …

A letter written to my middle child to tell her how special she is.

A Letter to My Middle Child

As I write this letter, the baby is sleeping and the toddler (the middle child) is resting on the couch with a …