Brownie Cookie Picture Recipe

We continue our countdown to Christmas for day 14 of Advent. I’m sharing a Christmas science idea with you at the beginning of each day until Christmas. Day 14’s activity is a Brownie Cookie Picture Recipe.

Christmas Science Advent Calendar

Brownie Cookie Picture Recipe

Following a recipe is a lot like following a procedure in a science lab. You follow each step exactly as it is written {even if you’re the one that created the steps in the first place} to hopefully ensure your results are consistent each time you do the procedure. Aiden just turned 4, and he can’t read yet. How can he follow the directions in a recipe? I made a picture recipe for him. I most recently saw the idea of a visual recipe from TinkerLab on Instagram. Rachelle created a visual recipe map for her daughter to make pancakes. Such a great idea.

Brownie Cookie Picture Recipe - Day 14 of our Christmas Science Advent Calendar

Aiden loves to help roll out dough – pizza dough, cookie dough, whatever. He likes to help and he’s getting pretty good at it. I wanted an easy Christmas recipe that he could follow and end up rolling out a dough. Enter the brownie roll-out cookies I made for Aiden’s birthday last year. They are pretty much a chocolate sugar cookie, but the dough is a little more forgiving. {The recipe is adapted from Smitten Kitchen.}

I created a picture recipe of the brownie cookie recipe by taking pictures of our tools and ingredients. I used different colored measuring cups to help Aiden see what to use. We did run into a problem with the white measuring cups – I used a 1 cup measuring cup and a 2/3 cup measuring cup that were both white. Aiden had a hard time telling the difference between the two in my pictures. I thought I obviously made one bigger than the other, but when I asked him which was bigger he said the 2/3 cup…

Brownie Cookie Picture Recipe - Day 14 of our Christmas Science Advent Calendar

I placed the measuring cup or spoon on top of the ingredient that needed to be measured. The 1 cup measuring cup was placed on top of the flour container, the 1/2 tsp measuring spoon was placed on top of the baking powder, etc.

I tried to let Aiden follow the recipe without much interference, but I did make sure he followed it correctly. I showed him how to level the flour and sugar. I had him mix the ingredients in one at a time. Then, he rolled out the dough and used the cookie cutters.

Brownie Cookie Picture Recipe - Day 14 of our Christmas Science Advent Calendar

Here are a few of our finished cookies. They are yummy.

Brownie Cookie Picture Recipe - Day 14 of our Christmas Science Advent Calendar

More Recipe Ideas for Kids

  • Have you noticed that boxed cake mixes have picture recipes on them? Use the directions on the box as a springboard for creating a picture recipe for your child to follow.
  • Let your child create her own recipe. Write down the steps as she does. TinkerLab shares some great tips for inventing a recipe with kids.

I’ll see you tomorrow for Day 15’s Christmas science activity.

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