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Are You My Mother? Storytelling Using Props

 Posted by on April 16, 2012
Apr 162012

Are You My Mother? is easily my son’s current favorite book.

We checked it out from the library a while back.  I think we read it every day.  Then, sadly it had to be returned.  I assumed Aiden would be fine with returning it because we check out a lot of books, and they are all returned and replaced by new books.

Aiden continued to say his version of lines from the book days after we no longer had the book.  “Oh no, the snort got you!”  “Gotta get out of here!”  “Are you my mother?”

That’s when we realized this is probably a book we should buy.

We brought it home, and he immediately opened it up and started “reading” it.  He flipped through the pages and told the story of what was happening.

He loves to tell us the story even without having the book in front of him.

This gave me the idea of acting out the story with some props.

We searched his room for all of the characters.  He assigned roles {chose certain toys to play a certain part}.

We were missing a boat and a plane.  {How do we not have boats and planes in our house?  I’m not really sure.  I guess we’re just more into trains and cars.}

I fixed this problem by making a paper airplane and a paper boat.

Daddy was the narrator and Aiden and I acted out the parts.  Aiden said the lines as he saw fit.

We started with our mother bird in her nest.  The egg jumps.  Aiden jumps up and down saying, “Oh, oh, oh…!”

Are you my mother?

Are you my mother?  Aiden says, “No, I hen.”

We continued through the rest of the characters.  Aiden’s favorite part is the snort {the crane}.

All in all, we had a blast acting out this story.

Reading Confetti has a great printable matching game to go along with this book.  Aiden loved helping all of the animals find their mothers.  {We have played this game over and over again.}


I have to give a little shout out to Jillian from A Mom With A Lesson Plan.  When she was doing her storytelling week, I commented on one of the activities about how I couldn’t wait until Aiden got older so we could do them.  She made me realize that we already could do storytelling.  It was later that same week that Aiden started quoting lines from the book.  He was definitely ready for storytelling.

If you’re looking for more storytelling ideas, check out my Story Telling board on Pinterest.  There are lots of great ideas, and I keep collecting them all the time.


What is your child’s current favorite book?

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  23 Responses to “Are You My Mother? Storytelling Using Props”

  1. This is one of my daughter’s favorite too and love how you did this retelling!

    Thanks so much for the link!
    Lorie recently posted..Favorite Warm Weather Books & ActivitiesMy Profile

  2. My daughter loves this book! I love how you extended it.
    crystal@growingajeweledrose recently posted..Shaving Cream Sliding Fun!My Profile

  3. Thank you for the shout out. ;) I’ve been seeing this all over Pinterst today and didn’t even know it was yours. FANTASTIC! I love the props and think we just may need to run out to the library tomorrow. (ps… joining all of the other pinners. This one MUST be shared.)
    Jill @ A Mom With A Lesson Plan recently posted..Letter of the Week ~ Letter Activities ~A – MMy Profile

  4. So cute!!! I really love this activity for this book!

    My 2yo adores “Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear?”, my 4yo is all about anything with bears (“Otto the Book Bear” at the moment), and my 6yo is reading “Charlotte’s Web”. I guess we like animals in our house!

    Thanks for linking up to Learning Laboratory at Mama Smiles =)
    maryanne @ mama smiles recently posted..Introducing: Small Hands Creating HopeMy Profile

  5. I make flannel stories of all my favorites for storytimes at the library in case the book is checked out. I also love using props, especially puppets. I use both methods of storytelling starting with the babies and toddlers storytimes, so it’s never to early to start.

    Our favorite this week is Three Nasty Gnarlies by Keith Graves. It is a great “butterfly” book for boys.
    Miss Courtney recently posted..Books: What My Child is ReadingMy Profile

    • Making a flannel story is on my to do list – haven’t gotten around to it yet. We also love puppets! And you are absolutely right – it is never too early to start telling stories. I was just a little surprised my 2 year old could start telling them to me. {Guess I shouldn’t have been.} :)

  6. I love a good story telling, this is a great use of props. I’m going to have a hunt around and find some props at home too.
    Kylie @ Octavia and Vicky recently posted..Edit Photos Free with PicMonkeyMy Profile

    • :) My son helped find all the props we needed. I let him choose what he wanted to use for the story. The hunt for props was a fun activity in itself!

  7. Awesome! I followed you from Learning Laboratory’s link-up. My post is here:
    Hannah recently posted..Wonderfull (Full of Wonder) WednesdayMy Profile

  8. How did I not see this!? What a fantastic post. It brings back fond memories of R telling his favorite stories in his own cute and choppy way when he was younger. I:) love the idea for props. You can do so much with storytelling and it’s always a fun way to really connect. I love this post! OH! And you have a storytelling board on Pinterest!? That’s awesome!
    Joyce @Childhood Beckons recently posted..Storytelling With IllustrationsMy Profile

    • Thanks, Joyce! I’ve been finding so many great storytelling ideas that I needed an entire Pinterest board for it. :) Of course, I had to add your awesome Storytelling with Illustrations post to it.

  9. Awesome. My kids love when I tell them stories using props. They pay attention longer and want to get in on the storytelling.
    Erica recently posted..American Sign Language for CookieMy Profile

  10. what a great hands-on activity that helps to promote language skills! and i’m a sucker for book-based curriculum! thanks so much for sharing at tip-toe thru tuesday! i’d love to see you back tomorrow! feel free to post more than one!
    andie recently posted..tip-toe thru tuesday apr: 4My Profile

  11. That looks like a lovely book, and I love how you found toys to use for the characters.

    We are loving Lost and Found at the moment by Oliver Jeffers.

    Thanks for linking to Science Sparks. xx
    Emma @sciencesparks recently posted..Viscosity Races – investigating the flow of liquidsMy Profile

  12. What a great idea to act out the book with toys! I am definitely going to try this with our favourite books. My 20 month old is a big fan of Spot at the moment. xx
    Emma @mummymummymum recently posted..Action – The GalleryMy Profile

  13. I really liked your idea as an English teacher in my country I’m always looking to innovate in order to teach young children and this was a wonderful tool for a better comprehension of he story.

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