Airplane Birthday Wrapping Paper

To go along with Aiden’s airplane birthday party theme, I made airplane birthday wrapping paper.


airplane wrapping paper


Airplane Birthday Wrapping Paper


  • freezer paper
  • something to use as a weight to hold the paper down
  • airplane cookie cutter
  • number cookie cutter
  • acrylic paint

Cookie cutters make great templates for art projects. You can use them as stencils – just trace around the outside or the inside of the cookie cutter. You can also hold them down and paint the inside. Or you can dip them in paint and use them as stamps. Each method has its advantages. Think about which would work best for your next project.

For the wrapping paper, stamping was my preferred method. It was quick and easy and gave a wonderful look to the packaging.

I rolled out my freezer paper along the table. I chose to have the shiny side up. You’ll need to hold the ends of the paper down with something, so it doesn’t roll up on you.

Next, I chose a bright blue acrylic paint. I like to use plastic lids to contain my paint. Once I had a pile of paint on my lid, I swirled the cookie cutter around in it until the bottom of the cookie cutter was sufficiently covered in paint.

airplane wrapping paper

Then, I stamped the airplanes onto the freezer paper. My pattern was random. I turned the plane different directions to emphasize the random pattern. I stamped the plane a few times before placing the cookie cutter back into the paint.

I repeated the random stamping with the number 3 cookie cutter {since it was my son’s 3rd birthday}. My number 3 wasn’t completely flat, so I had to make sure to push down on the middle of the number to get a good stamp. If it didn’t stamp well enough for my liking, I placed the cookie cutter in the exact same spot and pushed down again.


airplane wrapping paper


Stamping with cookie cutters and paint is great kids’ activity, too. {Normally, my son helps me make the wrapping paper, but since this time it was for him…well, you get the idea.}

You can see all of the ideas for Aiden’s airplane birthday party.

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