Airplane Birthday Cake and Cookies

Aiden turned 3 last weekend! For his birthday party, Aiden requested airplanes as the theme. The airplane birthday party was so much fun to put together and everyone loved it. Here’s a summary of the food we prepared.

Airplane Birthday Party

Airplane Birthday Cake

I originally planned to do a two layer round cake with airplane cookies flying all over it. We were at Michael’s exploring the cake decorating section when I spotted an airplane shaped cake pan. I asked Aiden if he wanted an airplane shaped cake or if he wanted a big cake with airplanes on it. He chose the airplane shaped cake. Worked for me. And it turned out super cute. The cake pan came with instructions/ideas for decorating the cake. We liked the one with M&Ms all over it. Aiden wanted chocolate cake with chocolate icing {just like his daddy}. I also used vanilla icing for the cockpit.

I used a box cake mix – just a traditional chocolate one and followed the boxes instructions as well as the instructions that came with the cake pan. It was important to grease and flour the pan for the cake to come out nicely.


Airplane Cake


After allowing the cake to cool completely, I covered it in store bought chocolate and vanilla frosting. Then I added M&Ms.


airplane birthday cake



Time to blow out the candle!


Airplane Cookies

I originally planned on putting cookies on the cake. This idea was inspired by the airplane cake and cookies Adventures in Savings made. The cookie recipe was titled Brownie Roll-Out Cookies. How could those not be good? I had to try them. She got the recipe from Smitten Kitchen. They are also called chocolate sugar cookies, but brownie describes them much better. They are delicious.


airplane cookie


I iced them with Patrick’s grandma’s royal icing recipe {confectioner’s sugar, milk, and almond extract}. These are not the pretty ones I actually took time to ice correctly. {We ate all of those.} These are the ones I lazily decorated. That recipe made somewhere around 50 cookies!


airplane cookies


In addition to the airplanes, Aiden also asked for stars and the number 3. These made for fun little cupcake toppers.

Did I mention I still have tons of cookies left? They are so good! I think I will be sad when they are gone.


I didn’t take pictures of the pizza. No clue why. We bought dough from our favorite pizza place in town {Shakespeare’s}. My husband made the sauce and added our favorite toppings – thick cut pepperoni and cheese. I was going to make the pizza shaped like an airplane, but I forgot to mention this to my husband as he was preparing the dough. Oh well. The pizza tasted the same regardless. So good. This was way less expensive than buying pizza, and it allowed us to have the pizza ready exactly when we wanted it without having to pick it up.

You can see all of the ideas for Aiden’s airplane birthday party.

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