5 Frugal Ways to Go Green

I am super excited to introduce a new series at Inspiration Laboratories.  Keeping It Green.  If you read either of my posts about Earth Day {Teaching Children about Earth Day and How Will You Celebrate?} or my mini lesson on protecting our environment from trash, then you know my passion for caring for the Earth and all things green.  My friend Karen will be sharing strategies, suggestions, and thoughts about how we can strive to be a little green.  Here’s her first installment of the Keeping It Green series…

Not only are the following ideas green for the environment, but they will also keep more green in your wallet.

  1. Cloth is greener than paper! Switch out your paper napkins at dinner for some cloth ones. One cloth napkin will get you through a meal (even when marinara is everywhere) versus using up several paper napkins per person. Toss them in the washer when you’re done so they’re ready for the next load of clothing, and keep a few on hand for the next meal. And there are all sorts of pretty patterns or dark stain-hiding colors to choose from.
  2. Microfiberis the best! When spritzing down your kitchen or bathroom- use a microfiber cloth instead of going through rolls of paper towels. A single microfiber cloth catches dust and wipes streak free, so it’s one of those two-birds-with-one-stone products. (I’ve tried using cut up flannel in place of the microfiber, but it leaves too much lint for me).
  3. Speaking of clean product spritzing– yes, they have big brand green products out there- even Clorox has a line in the mix, too. But all you need is a clean spray bottle, a cup of vinegar and a cup of hot water, shake it up and spray away. It’s like a superhero that saves the day! And don’t worry about that smell; it’ll be gone in just a few seconds.
  4. No boring storage! Instead of just piling cardboard high for the recycling pick-up, find some pretty wrapping paper, or channel your inner crafty-self and recover a cardboard box (see Pinterest for cool ideas). Your fancy storage bin can replace store bought ones, plus yours will be customized- AND you’re upcycling.
  5. Wipe-off board it. Pretend you’re in one of those group brainstorming sessions and grab your wipe off board. Most people use it for reminders or love notes, but I like to jot down the grocery store list. It’s difficult in my house to get others (i.e. the husband and the kid) to let me know when something’s run out. So they can write it on the board, and I’ll take a picture on my smartphone. I refer to the picture while I’m gallivanting around the store.
Do your best to keep it green!



Karen is a mom of 2 (a 4 month old and a 6 year old) blending Korean and Hispanic meals, keeping up with Jesus, trying to get healthier (and convincing the husband), and being green in as many ways possible.  Karen blogs at  http://lunchingmom.wordpress.com/ where you can follow her adventures on the trail of getting green.


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